This is my first try at blogging.  I am so nervous I am going to get it wrong but I am going to take the Zumba rule (I used to teach Zumba) “The only way you can do it wrong is if you are not having fun”  I will have fun, be real and honest and take this journey and hopefully all of you will enjoy as well.
I am a stay at home mom.  I have been wanting to blog about my life (sort of) for a while.  In the last few years my husband and I have had struggles and one thing (sometime a very thin thread) that has kept us together, and I say this in a very real way of truth is, Sex.  We have really good, great, mind blowing sex together. This is not an X-rated blog but it will include some talk of sex since the title is Sex Love and Washing Clothes.  I would not suggest getting married to a one night stand because of this kind of sex but staying married to a man you can’t tell whether today you love or hate…worth it!
Let me tell a little about myself.  I am married to my high school sweetheart.  We have been together for 18 years married 14 we have 2 kids a girl 10 and a boy 8.  I have ADD and my husband is OCD (diagnosed by me).  We are the epitome of opposites attract but after a while and growing up from 16/17 year olds when we met to 34/35 years old now, we have definitely figured out what the blurred line of Love/Hate really is.  I never understood it until recently. I am a slight feminist, not in the burning my bra kind, I’m the girls can do as much as boys type (although there are limits on that as well but lets not get into that).  I love staying at home with my kids but I also love working and having an impact on the world. Sometimes, as a mom, I feel like my being in this world in underused by just being a stay at home mom.  Which is what this blog is about.  The term “just a mom” is another soap box but let’s stick to the topic.  Sex Love and Washing Clothes!
This blog comes with a challenge/focus for me 2015 stay tuned for more details!
Again I am new please be kind in your comments and feel free to give me advice on my writing/ blogging feel free to ask questions I will try to figure out how to stay interactive with you all.  Thank you for reading.