Sex Love and Washing Clothes is about my stay at home mom and wife life.  This blog is going to be a funny and light and sometimes deep and meditative.  I hope to inspire and share my world with other women who are in the same place and need either comic relief or someone to relate to.  The title is Sex Love and Washing Clothes I will cover about 30% of each topic and then there is room for a bit of 10% filler room for me to decide what to write about.  
Here is a rundown of my idea and how I define the title.
Sex:  As a wife and a women in her mid 30s, sex is important.  A hot topic we SAHM’s rarely talk about and probably even less read about.  Like I said, I believe good sex is one thread (very thin at times) that has held my marriage to my high school sweetheart  together  for  14 years (total relationship time of 18 years! OH MY!)   I think a lot of us leave a lot out there to be desired, due to being tired, sometimes prudish, maybe even self conscious or just uneducated or naive.   Sex is a great way to communicate with our men.  They are physical and to them they need the sex communication the same way we need to talk to them about our day.  Men are physical, we are more emotional but in his eyes it goes a long way and it’s not “that hard” and if you do it right he will be! 
Love:  The  topic always on the mind of us SAHM’s love for our kids, love for our husband’s, family and being the best we can be and by best I mean efficient, pretty, kids well behaved, house spotless and every member of our families happy and healthy.  This topic will include all kinds of love of family, self, spiritual, and even some fashion and shoe talk maybe.  The biggest love we all know we need to work on is love for ourselves.
Washing Clothes:  The thing that may cause a divorce in my household is the “washing clothes” part. The everything else a mom does and is responsible for.  I could have said doing dishes or scrubbing toilets but washing clothes had the right amount of syllables and sound good to me.  Sometimes in my house, sex makes up for the lack of house cleaning that I do sometimes (yes sometimes I plan it out to avoid housework, don’t judge, my husband appreciates it).  Obviously, my house is not spotless, it is not in total disarray either. It is probably pretty close to what your house looks like, unless you are a neat freak or a horder. When I named my blog is was a Wednesday my husband and I exchange happy hump day texts every so often on a Wednesday (especially if that is how we started our day) so I sent him a picture of a huge pile of laundry on my bed and said “Not the Hump I was hoping for”  … This may have a lot of sarcasm in this part of the blog…need I say more?  
I really do love taking care of my family.  It does take a toll on my ADD personality sometimes and, as many of you probably do as well, I sometimes feel like my worth is equal to the cleanliness of my house… however I know (or at least hope) that it is not true. I can be a successful mom and women without having a spotless house.  As most of you also do, I will wake up tomorrow and try again.  But in the mean time I will have sex with my husband and a cuddle session before I go to sleep tonight.  I hope you do too.
I am excited to get my blog off the ground now.  Just FYI I will probably mostly post Monday- Friday today is Friday and on Monday I will have a big announcement of where this blog is going.  I say that as if I have a direction.  There is a minor detail I am going to add that will help me focus through 2015 and if you want join in with me,feel free we can make it a movement!! … More Monday!