It is that last day of 2014!  The end of the year, but is it really the END of anything? We know we will all write 2014 at least once next year. The new year is always the start of something.  How was your year?  Do you label yours? Was it a good year or a bad year? I try not to label the day week, month or year. Chances are for me if I labeled my year, day or month it would depend on how I was feel at that very second. This year has been rough at times, amazing at other times.  I cried a lot this year does that make it a bad year? I also smiled and laughed a lot too, would that make it good? I am here on December 31, 2014 so I think it makes it a good year. I lived to tell about it! We had a great time traveling on a Cruise with The Girl’s dance, her team was selected for a showcase dance (a big honor), the Boy’s football team went to the championship game, finished 2nd they were an amazing team! The Seahawks won the Superbowl!!!! I lost 25ish pounds! The Hubs and I went to the Gottman Institute weekend workshop, which was great but we had some of our worst times since then but now are in a much better place than that! AND, I started a blog!!!  
2015 is looking pretty good! Sex everyday!!! And I get to blog about it! What could be bad about that? OMG?! Sex EVERYDAY?  Am I up for this?  Last night I had a minor anxiety freak out in my head.  Can I really do it? What if I don’t? “If I don’t, it won’t really matter I will just be honest and say…’ “what?”  “You made a promise, you even decided to blog about how it affects your marriage, your life, your followers lives” “All to just say ,eh, it was too hard”  “for just one day you couldn’t enjoy sex for one F-ing day and ruined the whole year?” “no one said you have to enjoy, just spread your legs and get the job done!” (this was my inner monologue with myself last night.  I have a lot of conversations like this). So yes I am a little scared it’s going to all fall apart and I am going to be a failure. Here are a list of concerns…oh lord this could be a long list …..followed by solutions
  • What if I fail?  … more specific, you made the rules, don’t give up just do it!
  • What if the hubs has problems with ED? …..really?  Never been a problem and what if?  He can get it done other ways if you know what I mean 🙂
  • What if I am tired or have a head ache or am sick?   …..Tough it out Ruby, you know you like it, he has a way of ‘getting you there’ you will be fine!
  • What if we are fighting? …..Really you will be having sex everyday do you really think that will happen
  • Yes    …………..okay, well you have both done it before put the argument out of your head and just Fuck, pure raw physical, sex, you can do it, be in the moment
  • What if people start judging me about my blog? …..all the more reason to keep going, haters gonna hate
  • Can I really make a difference in my world by doing this?   ……yes, you can and you will
  • What if I forget?  ……Don’t forget!
  • But really, what if? ………a two a day the next day!!!  This may be cheating but I am keeping it in my back pocket, and I make the rules, I can change them right?
  • What if we get board or uninspired?  …..figure it out, maybe invest in sex dice, sex games, books ect, you can do this, look in that drawer in your night stand, use something in there!
  • What if we can’t get enough of each other?  … this a bad thing?  Really?!

So okay there are a few thoughts.  I am committed I will keep up this blog and I will have sex everyday and I will wash clothes/do housework everyday!  And I will blog about it.  I will give suggestions and advice when I feel the need and I will be sarcastic and funny when I am feeling that. I will try not to be a downer however everyone has ups and downs and I am incapable of not being real so if it’s a bottom of the roller coaster kind of day you will know. Just know that I will always try to put a positive spin on everything! I will live by this quote:

My favorite ever quote! Wait,this doesn’t apply to writers/bloggers, we want everyone to like us don’t we? What are the rules for that?  ….wait, see, that is where I always go, someone tell me how I am supposed to feel!!!!! But, no, I will not go there, this is what I say to you if you don’t like what I have to say you do have the choice to not read. So yes, I will use my second favorite quote now… “Fuck It!”  I will do what I want.  I want this, I want those who want to follow my journey to read about it and maybe even try it for themselves or just wash clothes MORE and have MORE sex. I really believe if we have more sex with our partners we will have better relationships!  
In 2015 my personal work, will be to work on my inner monologue  It is now not the most positive and I want to change that! Starting this blog is a big step. I am committed to being real and sometimes that will include a colorful word or two or an opinion that is not popular. I am always tempted to say “sorry” for it but I won’t. What I will say is that I will never intentionally say anything with the purpose to offend or put down anyone. So please don’t take things personally it really is not intended to judge or to say I am right, you are wrong. I will just be me.  You just be you. Feel free to comment on my blog posts, share them, everywhere and I will try to follow up with as many as I can. I am looking forward to this adventure and am ready! Please feel free to use the hash-tag #Everyday2015 on twitter or social media as you join me on this adventure. I may get onto other sites soon but for now find me on Google+ and my Twitter handle is @SLWC_Ruby
Raise your glass and toast with me to Sex, Love and Washing Clothes #Everday2015  Cheers to great sex and clean houses in 2015! Happy New Year!!