Happy Friday that feels like a Monday. Although many of you may still be enjoying vacation, the Hubs had to go back to work so it feels like Monday here. I hope everyone got to enjoy New Years Day with family and friends.
Today on the Sex Love and Washing Clothes agenda is probably taking down Christmas.  Washing Dark clothes and folding the rest of the clothes that are clean, only about 3 loads, two of which are towels, actually as I look over I see about half a load of towels are folded they got done yesterday morning.  Then, it’s Friday which is sure to be a fun time in the sac, okay honestly I am hoping it’s not in the sac, I am hoping for sex in my ‘favorite spot”. The Husband’s favorite spot is the same the actions are slightly different, just as enjoyable.  (Maybe in the future I will get into more details but for now I am keeping it PG…well, maybe not PG, PG-13?…..Alright it is already R rated I am just not ready to go into the 50 Shades of Ruby yet so let me warm up a bit and feel this blogging thing out and I will get more detailed….possibly)
Yesterday, I mentioned that it may be the first ‘two a day’ in 2015. (Which it was BTW, yay me!)  So let me explain a two a day, or actually, define “a day”.  This was a heated debate (not in a negative way) one night driving a friend of ours home around 2 am.  My questions was “If we get it on again (since we had already had sex before we went out that night) will it still count as a two a day, since it is ‘tomorrow’ already?” It was decided that a “day” will be defined as: from when you get up on a particular day in the morning until you go to sleep in your bed at night even if the night ends at 5 am. You are not stuck on the 24 hour calendar clock day.  So technically you could get in a two (or three a day) if you have morning sex Saturday and then go out to a late show Saturday Night and have one last romp when you get home at 1 am Sunday morning. However the 1 am Sunday sex will not count toward two a day Sunday it will count toward Saturday. The 1 am sex was technically (for these purposes) Saturday before you went to sleep.  This is a fun debate the Hubs and I have had and do occasionally change and/or bend the rules slightly. Got it? Good now go get it, twice!
Two a days are fun they tend to happen on weekends when the kids spend the night at grandma’s. However, we do not limit ourselves to kidless nights and/or mornings for sex. We have taught our kids to knock before they come into our bedroom. We don’t have a lock on our door but we have double doors and tie a a bathrobe tie around the door knobs when we need more “privacy”.  It works. The kids have in the past tried to come in and couldn’t get the door opened and learned to knock and do not even try the door anymore.  I think as they are getting older (8 and 10) they realize if we have tied the door they know they don’t want in. So if I can be educational for a minute, invest in a lock for your door!  Don’t let that be an excuse even if it’s a bathrobe tie 🙂  On a side note, be careful and try not to sleep with the door locked, sometimes in the middle of the night a sleepy child doesn’t think to knock and gets confused and/or scared when they can’t get in. Take a minute to lock the door when you wake up to go pee (because we all know we have to take that step before a good session of loving).
So go have a two a day or just leave options open for morning sex (that is when the lock comes in handy). Love your kids and love you spouse…and by love your spouse I mean have hot steamy weekend sex behind a locked door 🙂