Today is the first Saturday of the year. Saturday is usually the day we spend sleeping in being lazy. Last week we didn’t get up until almost noon, maybe later since we had no kids in the house (Thanks to Gram and Gramps). So my Sex Love and Washing Clothes promise is that I will not be totally lazy on any day of the year.  It is currently noon-ish and I have made Biscuits and Gravy and a smoothie for a snack for the boy. Most of the dishes are still there and laundry has not started yet… This is normal! Right? I am planning to not be normal for this year of Sex Love and Washing Clothes. As much as it is nice to not have to make up for it on Monday. You know the day after you have done nothing around the house all weekend except make messes, which we all know sucks! I still want to rebel and do nothing!

What really is normal?  I don’t know if my normal of doing nothing during the weekends is really normal but I think it is my normal.  And I wonder why I hate Mondays so much…hmm  So here is my plan to get out of this funk; after I finish writing this post, we are doing a family hot tub session and then it will be start clothes in laundry and clean up breakfast mess, make lunch and prep for dinner with Gramma.

I think subconsciously or maybe geniously or both that I chose the charge of Sex, Love and Washing Clothes, since the Sex part is actually fun, exciting and will keep me committed.  I am sure I would have already quit.  So let me review and reveal to you all that I have committed to this 2015 obviously Sex Love and Washing Clothes Bare Neccessities (See previous post of that title) and ALSO (why oh why?) I committed to a dry January, that’s right no alcohol, no Grape vodka, wine, no anything!  Also to a low carb/no carb month as well (so that’s no chocolate, soda or sweet drinks either)…Yes I obviously am a masochist, who does that?  The only thing that will get me through is the sex! Which I am lucky I really have great sex! I  sent the Hubs a text yesterday that said something like “I really want a drink or chocolate, but at least I have you to look forward to giving me an escape in bed (or maybe not in bed) later!” He responded something like “I love how your body has been looking and I will take care of it” (for the record he has always loved how it looked but he knows what to say to inspire me to not give up! and he always takes care of me) I did it  for my health and weight loss but I am an emotional eater and social drinker…  and a procrastinator so it all hard to follow through with.  Thank you Sex Love and Washing Clothes for the direction and focus and rules and people looking at me to keep me honest.

Please, you all enjoy being lazy all day today and tomorrow because that is what weekends are for.  I will wash clothes and clean for you and for my writing and I know I will enjoy my Monday more!  I will also enjoy sexy loving in place of all of my sacrifice!  So, be sure to know that I will be enjoying and making up for it with my favorite part of this trilogy…the only vice I have left Sex!  I am loving 2015 so far!