Last night was the first Saturday of dry January as I am calling it, and also Sex Love and Washing Clothes and the first night hanging with our friends at the local watering hole!  We like to tip a few back and I rarely drive home, the Hubs is the one who stays sober… because sober Ruby and a not so sober Hubs, usually results in coming home and hoping he falls asleep and/or me promising morning sex because honestly he is not so in tuned to me when he is less than sober. The drunk Hubs and Sober me usually are a little of oil and water when it comes to sex. However, it’s Sex Love and Washing Clothes, so, the aforementioned scenario was not an option.  What was I going to do? I got honest with my drunk Husband…”Can you touch me slower and softer than you feel necessary because when you are drunk you tend to be not so in tune with me” is what I said.  I also said, ” remember, you’re drunk, I am not.” Which was the right thing to say and he obviously was listening because OH MY GOODNESS it was some great sex. Which I was never realized was an option given the sober to drunk ratio, but he did exactly what I asked, and more! I should have tried this sooner!!!!
I love my husband and I love spending time with him away from the house (he tends to see bills and messes and stress in the four walls of the house). We have great friends we hang with and have a good time with, so, we like to escape at least one night a week, (sometimes more).  We don’t always get tipsy but I do enjoy our time a little tipsy, the relaxed atmosphere of being more real and uncensored. Especially my Grape Vodka nights… Have you heard the song “Tequilla Makes Her Clothes Fall Off”  Well for me it’s usually Grape Vodka and The Hubs knows and likes that, most of the time.  However, he also knows what else I like and he knows what my turn on buttons are, and he is not afraid to use them. …So how detailed do I get here? Will I lose readers or scare them from this post, like I’ve said before “Fuck It” I’m gonna be real!  My husband is great at oral sex! ….OH MY WORD.  This is one of those turn on buttons that often starts good sex, I get it from him all the time! Just not usually when he is not sober. But I have never requested him to be more in tune the way I did, so directly, last night. I am blessed and lets just say that the request of being gentler and slower was just what I needed to say to him and it worked!  So sober Ruby and drunk Hubs can, did and will work well all of 2015.  However, I think I liked it may have been a little too fast but was still well received on both sides, if you know what I mean. ….there was the TMI part….oops 😉
Normally, waking up Sunday mornings usually means finishing what was started and did not finish on Saturday night or sometimes didn’t even start on Saturday night… sometimes it is a replay quick or sometimes not so quick depending on a lot of different factors…. Many Sunday mornings the kids are at Gramma’s so we have a lot of freedom but this AM the kiddos were home so we were quickish and quiet but we are half way to a “Sunday Two a Day” Is this TMI yet? …I love 2015!!!
The point of this post for me was: that this was a good reminder that we do not need Grape Vodka for good sex. The Hubs will listen to me if I am honest and upfront with him and not scared that he will get offended or upset. BE HONEST!! I think the promise of Sex Love and Washing Clothes has relaxed both him and I.  It has opened me up to the fact sober/drunk sex is going to happen and that it can be really good…who knew?!
Last night and again this morning the Hubs said “I can’t wait to read your blog”…wonder what he thinks? 
BTW on the washing clothes and love notes:  clothes were transferred into the dryer, dishes started and breakfast was a great homemade Egg scramble and are at a friends house currently the Hubs is helping him work on his house. Kids are playing and the other wife here is washing dishes and tending her kids. Enjoying a great family day.  So it’s time for me to get back to them!  Enjoy!