Every positive thing you do in your relationship is foreplay. ~John Gottman

Happy Hump Day!!!  It is the first of 2015! Get IT
Today is Wednesday and I still have yet to tackle the organization task I wrote about on Monday.  It’s kind of a catch 22 I need to clean up the kitchen to be able to take everything out of the cabinets and on Monday I had to take the Boy to the orthodontist and got home with just enough time to get everything out but not enough time to do anything so I did other stuff I think laundry and decided to start Tuesday. Well Tuesday was the anniversary of my Dad’s death if you read yesterday you know this. Writing yesterday took a little longer and a little more out of me than I expected and I had a counselor appointment and had to organize rosters for the boy’s wrestling team (team mom duties) and that took A LOT longer than I expected it to. Then I had to alter my Wrestling mom T-Shirt Some may say not important other procrastination I say: very important and a fun productivity break. I did manage to clean up breakfast and lunch dishes and make dinner and start laundry each day. (highlight the word start) So today is the day, I have until 1:30 when I have my first appointment. 
So moral of the story is that I need to organize my time better especially now that I have added writing for Sex Love and Washing Clothes to my daily tasks and I need to add workout!!! I will accomplish this. One Day. This exact phenomena is one reason I decided to start Sex Love and Washing Clothes, one for accountability and two for pressure to actually figure out time management! So I applied my Young Living Essential Oil ADD Blend of Vetiver, Lavender and Cedarwood and then applied one drop of Brain Power to the top of my head and finished my first step of cleaning the surface of the kitchen first and now sitting to write and next tear it up in here (I am writing in the kitchen)!
Yesterday was less productive than I hoped.  At about 2:00 the Hubs got the most exciting text ever!! It was more detailed but said “sexual favors tonight!” Which he didn’t care why or where that came from he was like YEAAAH!!!!!! Not that it is boring to have sex everyday with the same person but I feel like I have to step up my game every now and then as I don’t want to get boring and especially when I decide to say “Fuck It, I am done cleaning I don’t care if I accomplished today’s tasks” Not that he knew what today’s specific tasks are, just saying… We have had sex everyday of 2015! Yes every single day and it is so rad to say that!  (I needed a new adjective) However, I has seemed like we do kind of same thing everyday and I don’t want the Hubs to feel like it is a job.  I love it though my husband is more concerned with how much I enjoy sex than himself.  He is no “one minute man” and/or one who gets his and is done. I am a well taken care of lady, let me tell you! So yesterday I was going to make him a well taken care of man! And I did, well, did not go as good as I wanted but he loved it and was very satisfied.  He is loving Sex Love and Washing Clothes!
So friends, I want to leave you with this, if you are joining the Sex Love and Washing Clothes with #Everyday2015 try new things and when in doubt go with what works. It is not always about the end result it is about getting it done. Wait, that sounds kind of bad.  I don’t mean that in a “I have to do it” it’s a job, kind of way but in the “Just Do It” kind of way. Like I have said in earlier posts I am so surprised, pleasantly of all that just doing the Bare Necessities of Sex Love and Washing Clothes is doing for me! See this blog post if you didn’t read it yet Bare Necessities (I don’t know how to link it here or I would, yes I am a rookie)   It has made us closer for sure, it has made the Hubs so much more relaxed and less argumentative and his OCD is overlooked because he focuses on the Sex part and looks to see what Washing Clothes part I got done but knows that he is getting some tonight! So Just Do It! I know there a lot of prudes out there (I say that in the most loving and understanding way) mostly you women get over your fear and judgement and Just do IT!!! I promise he will like it! If he doesn’t talk about it what does he want what do you want.  What are you afraid of? Bad sex with your spouse is better than no sex! Even if it’s not everyday do It more and see what it does for you. Let yourself enjoy it! Same for you men take care of your women and you will for sure get It more! Communicate and connect with your spouse! It’s Hump Day get to It!
I leave you with a Quote from John Gottman “Every positive thing you do in your relationship is foreplay”  So go get some!!