So it’s 11:11 (when I started and sat down) this is Thursday morning and I feel behind. My kitchen is half way torn apart, I was at The Boy’s 3rd grade field trip this morning, I walked to the school and while I walked there I wrote the first half of today’s blog (yes I was that dumb look girl walking and texting at the same time.) and then I pushed the wrong button and didn’t save it so I lost the whole paragraph or so that I had written.  I thought is was pretty clever for feeling rushed and writing while walking. I am behind today.  I love writing but I am behind today although I did get a walk in to the school and from the school and during the field trip.

I have had sex everyday of 2015. I think this may be the first time that I have made it through the whole first week of the year doing something everyday.  I take Thyroid meds everyday and I haven’t even taken them every day this month/year (I always forget the weekends). I am very proud of myself for that! I will continue this, I am so excited. Another thing that I have accomplished everyday is write to this blog, everyday. I have also followed my diet of no carbs and Dry January is still in tact (although I am considering a cheat day on Saturday, it is a Seahawks play off game day because I just don’t know if I can break the flow of what we have been doing. When it comes to Seahawks you don’t mess with fan flow, the 12s have their way. This may be an excuse to cheat I am considering that and will make a wise decision) We have this rule, don’t change anything! But I will still be Sex Love and Washing Clothes but Dry January may have a waiver for Play Off Games. And now it is confession time, I have not actually washed clothes everyday. I have done something with laundry everyday be it start laundry, transfer laundry to dryer (although the Hub’s work unies did not get started..ugh, I forgot to push the start button) but not completely the washing, drying, and putting away, everyday. Although, I have done some “Washing Clothes” stuff in the phenomena that is “washing clothes” encompasses everything house related.  My house has had attention everyday. 

I have worked at this everyday, I have not watched as much HGTV as I usually do and my Facebook friends must feel lonely without me being on there to give my opinion and share their Facebook lives with them as much as before, maybe they don’t miss me because they are reading this blog that I post on my page everyday. I really am proud of myself and enjoying this routine.  However, routine is hard when you are a mom no when you are me. I am sure some of you can relate. I don’t have control over my schedule as much as I would like to or thought I would have. It would be nice to plan your day at 6:00 you get up at 7:00 you eat Breakfast and are out the door by 7:30 get on the bus and start work at your desk at 9:00 then off work by 5:00 home at 5:30 gym at 6:00ect….. not me, some days the Hubs leaves at 6:00 some days at 5:30 and the kids get up at 6:30. I get the kids up and then when they go to school I write then get on with my day.

However, Some days I have field trips to go to. I would like to schedule my day with an hour to workout, and hour to write before the kids get up after the Hubs leaves but I like laying in bed with the Hubs until he gets in the shower. On days he goes in later I get extra cuddle time. I get up when he gets in the shower, I usually make breakfast and pack lunch for him. When I send him off is when I sit down and eat my breakfast, drink coffee and have a little me time, (sometimes we talk on the phone while he drives in to work) that is actually when I was doing my writing before school started back up. But because I don’t get that hour or so free time because this week the Hubs has been leaving at the time I need to be getting the kids up, my writing is getting done after the kids go to school, then I clean or head to my appointments for the day or what ever is on the agenda. My point is that my life doesn’t have a regular schedule, it is constantly changing. If it did this Sex Love and Washing Clothes, and getting in my workout and everything else done would be easier. I am the type of person that needs a schedule to stay focused and committed but I have done it without, this is a big deal for me. For that I am proud of myself, and it is teaching me that I can do things that I set my mind to. I will finish this year of Sex Love and Washing Clothes by taking it one day at a time. I bet I will lose weight and have a great year of sex under my belt.

Yes, I could get up at 4:30am and have that time to workout and write before the kids get up but I would miss the extra morning cuddles. I may even cheat and not get up and I would miss out on very much needed rest. The Hubs and I go to bed at the same time and get up at the same time everyday (it varies on weekends sometimes he sleeps in and sometimes I sleep in on Fridays). The reason I do this instead of getting up by myself to have time to workout or meditate on my own or whatever I would want is partly because I am tired, partly because I am lazy and want to rest more, mostly because I like to start and end my day with the Hubs. This is a big part of connection for the two of us. When he is on odd schedules (which rarely happens but sometimes does) it is a major struggle. But I feel that this is a big piece that help us stay connected! It is hard to have sex with someone who goes to bed an hour or more later than you.  It is hard to have morning sex (quickie or not) with someone who gets up an hour or two after you. 

If I can give couples one tip to being connected is sleep at the same time, be in bed at the same time, the whole time, go to bed at night at the same time, or at least get up at the same time. If you can’t, because of shift work or something, try to be in bed together for at least a few moments. Make an agreement that it’s okay for one partner to wake the other partner up, either when they come to bed or get up for their morning to have some connection time in the bed and hopefully sex! ….oops that sounded like advice, sorry. 🙂

I will continue as I have been, I will do more laundry but remember “Washing Clothes” is a synonym for house work in this blog and I will do it everyday.  Sex will continue everyday, (which is so not hard to do, although, last night we were both tired but for Sex Love and Washing Clothes, we turned on the charm, turned on each other and voila “O”).  Keep up the Sex Love and Washing Clothes and think about going to bed with your mate tonight and take advantage of that connection and hey try sleeping naked that helps too, ooh that may another topic to be brought up later!