Happy Blue Friday!!!  Yes from where I live it is Blue Friday officially the mayor of Seattle even made a proclamation, not that he needs to do that because every Friday in Seattle and surrounding areas is Blue Friday, pretty much all year round. This week is different because it is the playoffs! Divisional The Boy was born 9 years ago this weekend.  It was a Friday the night before the Seahawks had their first play off game on a Saturday as the Number 1 seed.  So I missed that game obviously the boy was born at 11:56 Friday night. The Hubs was on the way to the game in the morning as I headed to the Pediatrician to have the newborn checked out.

Football has always been important. Really, football built this family. I met a guy with a cute smile in Washington State History Class. He was a football player I knew that even though it wasn’t football season at the time because he wore his Letterman’s jacket that boasted his football career and number. That jacket now hangs in my coat closet. We talked when we got back from spring break about who had the best spring break. For me I had the best because I was in a pageant and crowned Princess so that would mean I got to be on a float and wave to admiring little girls all summer during parades all over the state, I was stoked and it was as much fun as I expected it to be. He said his was the best because he had gone on vacation on a cruise, which was way cool as well. We compared stories and flirted a lot in that class and became good friends. 

At the time I was dating someone I thought I would marry so had no romantic interest in the boy with a cute smile but was fun to be flirty and get to know this guy. We became really good friends. Over the summer I went through a break up and decided to pick up the phone and call the cute smile boy and found out that he now had a girlfriend. We talked everyday, we were just friends. Then when school started we saw each other at school and met up at my locker (we had lockers in the same hall) everyday and chat. On Monday’s he had the football scouting reports. I learned all the plays (sort of) that he needed to learn he taught them to me and explained what he was doing, it probably helped him learn the plays more than taught me football, it takes a while to learn that sport, but I looked forward to those Mondays and every other morning I saw him. 

Football started our relationship and we didn’t even know it, we were just friends still he had a girlfriend who did not go to school with us and we had no romantic intentions at all, I was dating someone else too, kind of (talking on the phone seeing each other occasionally on weekends). Until one day The Hubs and I had our first kiss and I think at that moment we both knew, but didn’t know, that there was magic there, a connection that would not be broken no matter how hard we tried. Even after a few recent years of fighting we still have that magic and that connection not even the worst fights or friends telling us we are too oil and water to stay together. We still are like magnets to one another. Sex is a big part of the glue that keeps us together but football is the other! Neither of us would even consider not going to the games or giving up season tickets. The best way to “get over a fight” (other than good sex or in times when we couldn’t muster the desire or gumption to get through sex) is a ride on the ferry to a game! Get us in the atmosphere and it is nothing less than magical (I don’t know if the magic of John Gottman can compare to the magic that football has on the Hubs and I).

So the Seahawks being in the playoffs is more than just a game, it is magic, on so many levels!! I met my husband, my life partner, sometimes my nemesis and created so many life memories with football. Playoffs gives of bonus weeks of football! The Hubs is my football other half! I have gone to a few games with out him and he without me and we always miss each other!  He’s calling me “you would love it here, you should be here!!” when he has traveled to away games. He has even told the guys when they started planning a guys only Superbowl trip “Ruby is coming weather or not your wives/girlfriends come my wife is going.” I know I may talk about this a lot but it is a big part of me and why my relationship exist and that is the connection we have. Football gives us something to do a place to go a subject to talk about! We all need these things in our relationship, you can’t live on sex alone! As much fun as it is, there needs to be something that keeps you both entertained out of the sac.

Football is a thread the weaves my husband and I together. We all need that in our relationship. It doesn’t have to be football, it can be another sport or music or activity. I was not too interested in football before I met the Hubs. I took the time to get into his world. So to those reading this struggling for a connection with your spouse, here are a few tips to football during the playoffs with you husband (or wife, not trying to be sexist that’s just my POV so don’t take it personal you can flip the genders on your own) try to work on this so you are ready for Superbowl:

  • Don’t stand in front of the TV while there is a play going on if you don’t know what that means just stay out of in front of the TV 
  • Ask you partner questions but if it is too complicated tell him he can explain later but let him watch the game first. Try not to talk while he is trying to here the referee’s call or something important about the game.
  • Try to save the questions for after the game while he is watching sports center or the “5th quarter” shows where they break down the game. Those shows are really helpful to learn what he is telling you and reinforce his information 
  • Listen to the commentators, learn who you partners favorites are and follow those guys on twitter, watch their pod casts, and pay attention. (Start watching and learning now you have 3 weeks before the Superbowl to get Coached up Then when you watch the game with him next time after you’ve listened to his answers and the commentators you may know something and impress you man in the process)
  • You have to show genuine interest. If you are not interested the other option is to be the hostess the party. 
    • Cook the food 
    • Keep beers full, grab fresh ones when you see empties (clean up as you go put the empties in the recycle, there may be more than you want to count at the end of the day)
    • Have snacks ready before the game and at half time and make dinner after the game. (don’t make him miss the end of the game for Sunday Dinner. Plan it after or have an early dinner before the game)
    •  Make jello shots or treats in his favorite team colors research who they are playing and for sure avoid the enemy colors!
    • Find fun theme drinks, or learn how to make Bloody Mary’s and Whiskey and Cokes, because remember guys like what they like. (don’t make him a fruity vodka drink when he is a beer and whiskey guy and if you do be prepared to drink it all and don’t make him feel bad that you went through all that effort)
    • Cute snacks for him to feed the boys who might be coming over. They will eat them and destroy the pretty stadium design you made with your cold cuts but they will remember your effort and appreciate it. 
    • Bonus points if you keep it refilled and looking pretty but that is not necessary, neither is the pretty display they don’t care if it is paper plate or foil containers just that there is food there
    • At some point sit down and have a beer join in the celebration, he will thank you for and enjoy it and you will be one of the cool wives because you made the effort.
    • Don’t take it personal if he is in a bad mood or snaps at you if his team is loosing. (you may need to give him his some space or alone time) Playoffs are a big deal, it’s not what you did or you party that is bad he is just sad and it’s hard for guys to lose and/or watch their team play bad, get beat or get screwed by the refs…a little sexy something might help his mood like serving his next beer topless (just saying)
    • If his team does lose, hold off on the “since you team lost my mom need…..” topic don’t bring up the loss for at least a day or two but know he will still want to watch the Superbowl so don’t make plans for him

Just a few ideas.  Hope you enjoy playoffs!! Remember a little extra loving if his team loses may go a long way and the other side of it, celebration sex is the best!!!! Trust me, I know! Enjoy the playoffs. Find a connection to your spouse and love them through it and more! 

Go Hawks!