Today is Game Day Saturday! Our beloved Seahawks are playing in the divisional round of the playoffs. I can’t tell you how excited, nervous and ecstatic I am! We have certain game day routines or rituals you could say. Well, we always have sex either the night before or morning of. But we take the ferry always go to the same Bar and have food drinks shots and a lot of fun with our group. Every 12 has some sort of ritual. During the game they have played Bittersweet Symphony as the players walk out for as long as I can remember and we raise the 12th man flag.  On defense, especially third down you stand and yell as loud as you can, you use your “Seahawks” voice! There is a sort of energy that comes with those rituals.  It really is unexplainable but it is palpable, similar (but way more) to what you get at a rock concert if you’ve had the opportunity. The energy that is wrapped up in Qwest field when filled will 68,000+ fans, all the rituals that are involved it gives me goose bumps regularly and even just thinking about it. (I’m so excited) (BTW this is being written as we head to the game on the ferry)
The point here is that rituals can be very boring when thinking about candle lighting at Church, sad carrying a casket into a funeral, but filled with hope of a wonderful life while walking down the aisle wedding day, and excitement anticipation and loudness at a Seahawks game! Those events and actions in and of themselves do not equal those emotions and feelings until you add the human factor. That’s where emotions and feelings  begin then and only then do they become rituals filled with energies of human emotion, hope, excitement, sometimes turns into sorrow and disappointment. It’s all human and it’s all real.
When going to a game every step of the ritual presents different feelings which translates to a past experience and the energy of everyone around me.  So be mindful of those normal everyday things you do, are they rituals or just going through the motions you can shut the lights off at night or you can make a ritual of worshiping your husband or wife’s body and really getting into the ritual of sex everyday. It doesn’t have to be boring or a job (it kind of is job for me right now, but I work and suceed to change that everyday, it really is a fun ritual). If ritual is too strong of a word just think of a ritual you look forward to, for examples game day, or that stop at the cafe on the way to shop on Black Friday, maybe the spot you post up while hunting (hunters have a lot of rituals) whatever your favorite thing is I guarantee there are rituals connected.  Think about how you feel, the energy you get when you are involved in that activity (or ritual) and figure out a way to infuse your marriage or daily life and especially in your sex life!!  You will be pleasantly surprised and amazed just by calling it a ritual will change the energy and make your sex life skyrocket with amazement. Don’t be afraid to use your Seahawks voice every now and then! Go Hawks!