How dedicated are you? How dedicated am I? It is January 12 and I have kept my Sex Love and Washing Clothes Bare Necessity “resolution”. Is it a resolution? There are a handful of Seahawks fans right now, sitting outside Qwest Field to get tickets to watch the Seahawks in the NFC Championship game. Those fans are hard core but does that make them dedicated? I have my tickets already since we are season ticket holders and have the chance to preorder play off tickets. My 9 years of going to games and toughing out through the 4-12 seasons earned/bought me the right to not have to sit in that line at the stadium. I think that is dedication. Tickets are on average upwards of $100 each for 10 games (2 preseason, 8 regular season) and the about 50+% more for playoffs. Are the season ticket holders who put aside those Sundays show up everyday pay for the season in April dedicated more than those sitting outside the stadium for 48 hours? (I think so, yes, but does it really matter?) Those fans are hard core and dedicated who is more hard core? (I don’t think it really matters.) Is dedication those who pay double the face value the week of the game and stand in line for two days to get play off tickets? What makes you dedicated? What drives those folks to sit outside for 48 hours to watch a game? I have sat outside watching games for 9 seasons as a season ticket holder but before that spent as much to go to half the games. That’s dediciation. There have been a few seasons you couldn’t give tickets away, people even let their names fall of the the Blue Pride list (the wait list for season tickets). Those of us who were there through thick and thin the years we went to the Superbowl and the years we went single digits and the dreaded 4-12 year, that’s dedication we are hard core. We are all 12s that is what it is all about. This week is different though you get a different kind of 12 in weeks and years like this one. It’s the NFC Championship week, I realize this game is big, it is worth the wait outside of the stadium for 48 hours, it doesn’t happen every day! This is a thought provoker for me (and a good theme for my writing). So let’s explore this theory as it relates to the Sex Love and Washing Clothes audience
When we get married we say our vows, (fans have not said vows to or for their team but some act like it and some are out and booing at the first sign of trouble). We say for better or worse (which means in the Superbowl years and in the 4-12 years) but nowadays (hate that word but my dad used to use it and I do now as well) do people really mean it? You don’t know how many people have said to me “I would never put up with that” when referring to some of my relationship issues over the span of my marriage. Well, that should be obvious since most of those people are single and/or divorced and/or afraid to and/or will not marry. Divorce rates are up compared to when our parents were married. Many people never (or never will again) say vows to each other because they either don’t want to have to commit or because they are afraid their mate won’t or they don’t want to have to stick it out when things get tough, but most often use the excuse they don’t want to get hurt. Are we fair weather fans of marriage only doing it when it feels good and you are winning? Like those who fell off the Blue Pride list the losing years of Seahawks seasons? Do we pick up and move to another bandwagon when things don’t feel as electric as those 13-3 years? I think a lot of people in a lot of different situations do, not all there are loyal fans of being married! I have been on the team Earl even before I married my best friend in 2000. His family accepted me I accepted them and he was on my family team even before I became an Earl. We are dedicated fans (and members of) each other’s families, just as we are of our current family even before it was a team of 4 just the 2 of us, and just as we are dedicated fans of the Seahawks. We are not looking to find a new team every time the season gets rough (let me tell you there has been some rough ones as i know you all have also experienced). Sometimes it seems there are fans of sports teams and are more loyal to them than they are to their spouses. Which I think is sad. 
A good competitive game, a good play or star player helps people come back or keeps them there to be fans of the team and fill the seats on game day. I think this compares to good sex. Good sex in a long term relationship is like the good games or big plays that keep fans excited, the Beast Mode Run, a Hole In One, a Grand Slam Home Run, a No Hitter, or a Hat Trick, to name a few things in sports that will get us excited even when our team is not winning. Even in the losses of a team struggling the fans will keep coming back for those special moments and gain hope from that. “It’s something to build on” Good sex is your star athlete that can keep you and your spouse coming back to each other. You will have little need to go somewhere else because that is the draw to your spouse. The Big Touchdown Pass or Strike Out, that Hole In One that keeps you watching and waiting for it to happen. Not that sex is everything in a relationship but it can definitely the be the star of the team. Especially where I came from, you need a draw to your team. Seattle sports have a way of letting you down. Until last year when the Seahawks won the Superbowl, we watched the Mariners win the most regular season games in the History of the MLB 116, I was at that game, only to lose in the first round of the playoffs. Seattle is used to getting so close and then a let down. But we kept going back for more. A long term relationship with some struggles that you have good sex through it all, is like a team with a not so good record but a team that is always in the game or has a player that is electric to watch even in the loss it keeps you going back for more. Sex has kept my relationship spicy and hard to leave at times. What makes it hard to leave is my dedication to the Hubs and my family and I actually love my husband. We love each other and took our vows serious but really we have something to keep us coming back for more. Good sex. We have a lot of good stuff but sex reminds us that. It is very palpable… Like a team that pulls it out in a come from behind win and to make the playoffs and reignites the band wagoners, but when you constantly have good sex, you won’t fall off the bandwagon you may try but will always be pulled back up on it with those Beast Mode Runs or The Grand Slam Home Run finish in this case those plays start with “O” (hehe)
It’s kind of like a buzz or a rush you get when you watch your team win (or have an orgasm)! The anticipation the energy and excitement of a good game… the anticipation is the best part aside from the actual win! Yes, you can have that with your spouse, tonight. Start now, Send a text message that says something like “I can’t wait to see you naked later” or send a sexy picture to your husband at work, the less clothes, if any, the better. He may get embarrassed for a moment but then will be excited and then everyday will wonder and look at your messages with anticipation that there may be another one like that. Then when he gets home be playful, don’t yell at him when he grabs your booty while you do the dishes, he is excited to see what tonight is going to bring. Husbands, do these previous things to let your wife know you got her message and are excited for it too! Everyone loves the “big game” even if you are not a rabid fan of the specific team, any sports fan can respect another team’s big game. So make your “big game” a little excitement in the bedroom. There is nothing like a big win or a Big “O”.
It’s time to make your spouse a fan of your team (as if he is not already) …Ok, my SAHM readers I know this is a bit of a stretch especially if you are not a sports fan but come on ladies send those sexy texts (it does not have to be pictures but I know you man will enjoy it) and get ready for the big game because it’s coming up tonight and hopefully you both will be coming tonight!