Today is The Boy’s Birthday! He is 9 now! He came into this world quickly. 30 minutes from the time my water broke. We almost didn’t make it to the birth center in time. I had been having what I thought was false labor contractions and went into to be checked by the midwife and she thought the same. She gave me something to help me sleep (it was about 10:30, morphine) and sent me home.  (We had a play off Seahawks game to go to the next day.) We went to my in laws. They live less than mile from the birth center. I was told go straight to bed! So I did, Grams put The Girl to bed which was odd for her at 20 months when Mommy was there. But, about an hour and a half and 4 bathroom trips or so later I went out to where everyone else was and said “these contractions are still not going away!” Gramps got up and poured himself a glass of milk (usually the last thing he did before bed). I soon had to have the Hubs hold my hips the way he did when I had the Girl (back labor), then my water broke Gramps then said good night and went to bed, he wasn’t interested in watching the boy born in his living room (hehe)…The Boy was born less than 30 minutes later, in a birthing tub at the birth center he was perfect. The midwife posed the question to the Hubs (going to the game?” He hesitated and I said yes, take your dad!

There is so much more I would love to share of details in this story but honestly I am running short on time. The Girl woke up with a head ache that she has had for two days now, and being that she had a concussion recently I felt the need to call the Dr and of course they needed to see her in the office, I had scheduled an early morning appointment for myself (I should know better than to schedule stuff on kid’s Birthdays) and of course The Girls’s was right at the same time I should have been going to The Boy’s school to have lunch, like I do every year! I felt bad I had to miss it, but I did call in a back up. Uncle did lunch and I got a report that “Operation Birthday Lunch” was successful! The Girl’s  headaches seem to be tension head aches  so good on that. I have had head aches for my whole life so she comes by it naturally. I got home around 1 to start cupcakes for the Boy’s wrestling team (2 trips for forgetten ingredients later) I am waiting for them to cool, it’s 3:40ish. The Boy loves my cupcakes (cakes in general) so I felt the need to bake for him since the school cupcakes have to be store bought, for wrestling we can take the good ones! (my kids are not really spoiled only a little bit).

My focus today, what I originally wanted to be, was that sex life with the Hubs really got better a little while after we had our second child, I have no idea why but he got really good with his mouth all over my body. I figured out that I really like nipple stimulation. (Maybe TMI but, when I was nursing sometimes my breasts would squirt and that is how I discovered nipple stimulation) The boy was probably about 6 months old when we started having good sex regularly… that I actually enjoyed… thoroughly. So it kind of feels like my life as we know it just started shortly after the Boy joined our family!  More tomorrow, I have real life to do!  Enjoy Tuesday everyone!  Happy Birthday To My Boy!!!