It is day 15!!!  Two solid weeks I have been in 2015 had sex with my husband everyday and I have cleaned some part of my house and/or did laundry and I have stuck to my diet plan and I have written in the blog omitted drinking so far this year! EVERYDAY because I wanted to. We are closer and happier than we were on Christmas day! I have changed a lot, my husband has changed a lot, and our relationship has changed. Not only because of Sex Love and Washing Clothes, well maybe, but there is a shift that has happened in the last few weeks, months or days… We have been working on our relationship with a therapist but there was always something that would creep up and cause conflict between us. We have always had great sex! We sometimes would argue about sex. It would be about our poor communication around sex. The Hubs was my first, I never learned how to tell someone what I wanted or liked sexually. I think there is a part of me that always kind of expect him to just know. Well, guess what, they don’t just know. We wives have to tell our husbands what we want. I think in a way he doesn’t or didn’t really know how to tell me what he wanted, either. And to be honest I was never really easy to talk to about what he wanted, but now I am asking him everyday what do you think how should we? And he is saying it too! And I am listening and I am excited to talk about it everyday too!
Let me be clear, there is no part of me that is “obliging” my husband’s wants or desires for sex. (Not that I think that is a bad thing, but it seems to imply that I don’t have freedom to say no what I do or do not want to do, so it has a negative connotation). I love having sex with my husband. I have (as most women do) always wanted him to be romantic around the subject and he (as most men do) have always wanted me to be more…how do I say it…is it slutty? no, more forward and open (that’s more PC). Now, we have both! And there is no negative affect on me for it so those of you judging the situation as me having to oblige my husband, you are wrong.  I will say it again, I love my husband and having sex with him. I love what having sex with him everyday is doing for him. I love what having sex with him everyday is doing for me. I love what is doing for our communication and what it is doing for our happiness and what it is doing for our conflict (or lack there of). Sex is more than just a physical activity, which is why you share it with your spouse. Sex is a vessel that the life blood of your marriage flows through. When shared with your spouse, it is connection, communication, and love. 
My husband and I used to have at least one big blow out fight every week and sometimes more than that. It is January 15 and we have not had a big blow out fight since before Christmas Day! We have had a few disagreements but no blow outs! I could sit and over analyze why things are going well, maybe I should, but you know what? I don’t care!! I am going to do what I have been doing and enjoy the happy times! As a friend of mine used to say to me “don’t question it just enjoy it! Fuck it, who cares, be happy and live your life!” I do think it is valuable to understand what makes things work as much as what doesn’t. However in the big picture when things are going good if you spend too much time analyzing then you may miss the moment. 
I have no idea if it’s because of Sex Love and Washing Clothes or not. Maybe we have just magically matured or something. Maybe both. We have been seeing a therapist for a few years he is intrigued by this too and we will continue to see him. We will continue how things are going because it is working, and it is awesome. It is not always easy but at the end of the day, how can it be bad? There are people who are judgmental that have to find something wrong in everyone else and there is a lot you can target about me because I am writing and putting it out there everyday, but as much as I do listen and feel judged, it just makes me more motivated to prove my point and continue doing what I do. I only hope to help inspire those who want to be inspired and improve their lives from with my blogging about Sex, Love and Washing Clothes. From sex and washing clothes to loving themselves and their families more! I am doing just that. Everyday I am ending my day with connection and the Big “O” with my husband. And there is nothing a mom or wife could ask for that would be a better way to end the day! Now go get you some and enjoy, live your life full and love with your whole being! Be you, I will be me and we will get happier everyday one orgasm at at time 🙂
Now go get yours folks!