Happy Blue Friday folks!!! It is Championship Weekend!!! Go Seahawks. Last year there was a bit of a controversy after the game when Richard Sherman called out Micheal Crabtree, referring to him as mediocre. Richard Sherman kind of sounded arrogant and disrespectful in his banter. However everything he said was true, and knowing Richard Sherman it was somewhat calculated. Later in the week he did not make an apology for calling him mediocre, he stuck to his word, he may have scared Erin Andrews in his rant and he did, however, apologized for that. He had something to say and he said it. The only apology was about the delivery no back pedaling or changing the meaning of what he said. I like that about him. He always puts 100% into everything he does, including his after the game on field interviews. He is bold and not afraid to say how he feels. The Hubs is like that. 
I am more reserved and keep my mouth shut more often than not I think some great thoughts but if I think it might offend someone I may not say it out loud, at least until later. I tend to be more politically correct, I wouldn’t want to offend anyone. However, with this blog I do share a lot more than many of my outspoken friends do, but that is while hiding behind a computer screen. I am not afraid to put it out there. And by “it” I mean whatever might be on my mind and what I am thinking or feeling. I am getting more bold as the year continues but a lot of the time I will delete my comment on post that might be misinterpreted or if it is a joke that I think someone won’t understand. In this blog I get the chance to say what I am thinking. I am more bold when typing (like most people are) but I am still me. Is the real Richard Sherman the mellow very well spoken guy we see in a press conference or the arrogant bully (as some have called him) that we see on the field on game day? Is there two Richard Shermans? Does that change our opinion of him? Am I the Ruby who thinks one thing and never says it out loud? Or the one who says almost everything on her mind while writing my blog? Does it matter? I say no.
Do we think the fact that most of us have a work personality, home personality, game personality, and around other parents personality and even the bedroom personality make us hypocritical? It is just a fact and in some jobs and situations a necessity. I don’t just that fact makes us hypocritical. As long as you at the core really don’t change. If we offend our friend by something we say or a word we use when we are being honest, I believe the problem lies with the friend. If it is how we deliver it, I believe, the problem in this case may lie with the person being disrespectful in their tone or delivery. Say what you feel and be honest but be respectful, mindful and sensitive especially when it is a sensitive topic that hits close to home. Most of us need to learn how to stop taking things so personally. I have a lot of crazy colors on the walls in my house. Some people are not afraid to tell me it is not their choice of color. Some are more tactful or respectful in saying it others use words that could be kind of a personal attack. However it is their opinion not mine. If I got offended every time someone didn’t like my colors I would have no friends left! It does not mean they don’t like me or my house, they just don’t like my choice of color, and they don’t have to, it’s my choice. I wish I could speak my mind more freely and not offend people or I wish I didn’t care but I do. I am going to be working on that! You, readers work on not being offended, deal?
Let’s be who we are! You know the saying men want a lady in the streets but a freak in the bed. (I don’t know if I qualify anymore as a lady in the streets since I put it out on the internet! Who Cares! Yes I am!!) We do need to censor in some settings but we don’t need to change what you like and who you are! I may not go down the street in Green Bay chanting 12th Man chants (which I would do in Seattle on Game Day) but that doesn’t mean I won’t wear my Seahawks jersey or start chanting Go Pack Go either. In the bedroom let’s not be afraid to get a little risque with our mate! I’ll say it again, Men like the lady in streets freak in the bed type women and most women like the Christian Gray type as well. Let those reservations out and don’t be afraid to share those moments with your love. Don’t just wait ’till his birthday! You can start with just a little dirty talk and then go from there. If he is asking for it and you are lost or have no idea where to start ask him to demonstrate what he means when he asks for dirty talk. (Remember no one will hear you and your preschool moms will not judge you for what they can’t hear!) Have fun with it. Let you inner game day Richard Sherman out! He always puts his all on the field! Your field is your domain, your bedroom, kitchen, laundry, put your all into it be it cleaning the kitchen, folding clothes or knocking boots. Go for the score and definitely don’t be mediocre!