Today is the NFC Championship game and my beloved Seahawks are hosting the NFC Championship Game for the second year in a row! (Can you see that big smile on my face?) Many analysts are giving our opponent, Green Bay Packers no chance. Well I am more nervous than I was for the Championship Game that my son played in earlier this year (and it was my son playing and my husband coaching and I was pretty nervous). Big question is Why? Nervousness and worry serve no purpose, AT ALL! But I am still nervous. Which is kind of good because I have been nervous every game. The ones I wasn’t as nervous at we lost. I don’t strap up the pads, or prepare for a game why am I nervous. Maybe that is why. As a fan I have no control over how the game is played what plays are called and how well the players are prepared to and actually execute the play on the field. I have no control, except to intimidate the other team with our loud crowd noise us 12s are known for. If I had control I could watch more film, spend more time in the gym or do something to affect how well I will play. The only thing I can do is scream my heart out and hope it makes and impact on the game going on down on the field! But since I can’t, I sit here and worry about nothing, no one will die if I don’t or if the Seahawks lose. It will not affect my income or ability to provide for my family. It will affect the mood of the Hubs though and the kids might be a little sad (The Boy especially) but we will go on just as we have before. But I know what it felt like last year being at the game watching Richard Sherman bat the ball out away from Michael Crabtree and cement the Seahawks spot in the 48th Superbowl! It was surreal, amazing, joyfull and I want to feel that again, badly!

The things I am worried about: I am worried we will miss the ferry in the morning (confession I am writing this Saturday night before I go to bed so I can be 100% in the moment even on the ferry ride). I am worried we might miss kick off (it’s an hour earlier than normal games) if we leave too late from the pregame spot. I am worried I might forget something so I have already laid out what I will wear, showered and all the things I need to take including my jewelry and glasses are sitting next to the bag I will carry with me, that also already has my wallet in it. I am not usually this prepared but that is how I can know we will get out of here with everything I will need. OMG I need to RELAX and enjoy the anticipation of this moment!

The lesson here today folks is to be in the moment, I am so worried about this game I have had little time to be excited and happy that we are even in this game! I, as well as many other 12s some more than me, want so badly for our team be in the Superbowl that we are forgetting how great it is to be in this NFC Championship game! I, sadly, do this sometimes with the family and with my husband. I want so badly to not miss something that I worry away the moments that we do have. Instead of savoring a moment we wish it would last forever and once it’s gone all we have left is that feeling that we didn’t savor it because we were too worried we were never going to experience it again. When I got married before I walked down the isle I said “wait, I want to anticipate more” what I meant really is I wanted to savor that moment! We all should savor each moment, especially the special moments, more often. Yes, we want the things that feel good to happen more and the things that make us sad to happen less but worrying one way or another just steals the moment away. We don’t want to live our lives on the skip or fast forward button and that is what worry does to you.

Which is why I wrote this blog post now at almost midnight (between Saturday and Sunday) Championship Sunday so that I can savor the championship. I have already packed my stuff, had good luck sex (a must every week), made sure my lucky 12th Man hat my MIL made for me was in my bag…all I can do is savor the moment! I will scream loud, I will give respect for my team and be 100% in it tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to rep the team and do the same in a few weeks at the Superbowl too. I am going to take the next 12+ hours savoring the fact that my team has a chance to play for a spot to go back to back in the Superbowl. 

So on this Championship Sunday, even if you are not a fan, you do the same. Be a Champion by going 1-0 today in everything you try to do even if you are not a fan of The Seahawks. Use the Seahawks 1-0 mantra to get you through. When you have the 1-0 mindset you don’t get a second chance so you prepare like there is not a next week and you do everything as good, no better than you can! In order to do that you have to be in the moment and present at every moment. Be A champion and win each moment of everyday!  And use your Seahawks voice!

Be a Champion, Go 1-0 everyday

#Everyday2015 #GoHawks