Do you ever get that feeling that you know you need to get up and get motivated but just can’t. That feeling that you could be doing things better or different but just can’t muster the energy to do so. And then that feeling that you are so angry with yourself for letting yourself down. When you do that to your self, I call it self sabotage. You are not letting your mom, your kids or your husband down or the friend who is never there for you anyway, you are letting yourself down. (Who is always there) Why can’t we get motivated to take care of ourselves the way we take care of others. If someone is counting on us to babysit or to teach a class or to make the neighbor a healthy dinner after a rough loss in the family, we pull out all the stops, we even get out good dishes out that have to be hand washed. But when it’s time for us to eat alone we grab chips or leftovers from the other night that hopefully have not grown hair or bacteria that will get us sick. Don’t worry we will microwave it and that will kill all the germs right? Why would we not do the best for ourselves?

We know that we feel better when we get up and workout so why do we get up eat donuts and sugar laden coffee and then complain that we feel shitty? It’s fucking bull shit people. Sorry for the harsh language but come on! You know I am talking about you! We sit on the couch and complain that we are not seeing our friends or family enough but we are too cheap or lazy to go visit them! Yeah maybe we are busy and need down time but don’t use that as an excuse to blame everyone else and not take care of you! It is our sole responsibility to take care of number 1 (my dad taught me that, or at least tried I did not learn it very well). So why do we allow ourselves to let ourselves go?

When I say let ourselves go I mean more than gaining a few pounds and not wearing makeup or nice clothes. I mean getting to the point that we are not happy! We sit and eat the rest of the chocolate cake instead of cleaning the kitchen or going for a walk. We sit and watch reality TV instead of getting up and getting in the shower to get ourselves presentable for the rest of the world. (I am not saying you have to dress to the nines or even dress to impress) I am referring to those stay home moms who yes do a lot and we are allowed and have the freedom to sit on the couch and relax when we feel overwhelmed but we don’t have to look it. And we don’t have to  and no one is looking because really we do most of our “work” when everyone is home, running to practices, making and cleaning up dinner bed time routines etc. And if you are like me you like to hang with the family especially that time that we get next to my amazing husband cuddling on the couch.

You know that feeling you get when you want to cry but you don’t know why? Yeah, me too. But you know what in reality, it is not that we don’t know why. At least for me I now why I want to cry I just don’t want to admit it. A lot of the time it is me I have let myself down.

Here are a few suggestions, in no particular order, to snapping yourself out of this. Start today, start slow or dive in head first who cares just make progress, and no crying on the couch eating chocolate cake is not progress (all though it fills the void you will only be crying about it later too):

  1. Get a massage, or meditate take time to refocus your brain
  2. Grind it out (just do it clean the house or get in your 4 miler! I know easier said than done)
  3. Give yourself time limits on certain distracting activities. If you know you love to sew but need to cook dinner give yourself a timer so that you can enjoy your sewing but be done with ample time to make dinner
  4. HAVE A PLAN (my struggle I have the big bubble thoughts in my head that sound great but don’t plan it out so it ends up just bubble thougths in my head)
  5. Delegate! Give you kids and husband jobs. Preassigned or just as needed. (if the husband is down with that. If he is not okay with that don’t give him jobs if he is not you don’t want your kids to see him not doing his “job” and use that as an excuse sometimes the working full time thing is enough for the husband to do, and sometimes you need help. If you ask I bet he will be more than willing to help but this sometimes can be a touchy subject so proceed with caution and really be respectful, you don’t want to be the mommy wife, but if the kids are protesting start taking away privileges, one privilege is they get to live in this house for free not that you can take that away but remind them of it!!!!)
  6. Last but not least….get an attitude adjustment! Yes “That” kind of attitude adjustment. If needed get Grandma, farm them off to a friend, or hire an overnight nanny and go to a hotel. Or use a lock on your door and have that kind of crazy relaxing passionate love making sex that you lay back and go…”WOW”
  7. Or when all else fails out a smile on your face and as Dori says “Just Keep Swimming”

So time to strap up the big girl bra and get cracking. I am putting on my Young Living En-R-Gee Essential Oil (motivation in a bottle) and Brain Power (focus in a bottle) and getting to work! No more whining and feeling sorry for me and no more letting myself down! We need to treat ourselves the way we treat everyone else. We are not lazy when it comes to work (if you work out of the home or when you did) we don’t go lazy when it comes to kids or helping friends or husband now let’s stop going lazy when it comes to ourselves. So get a shower put on clothes and maybe even cute shoes (we don’t wear shows in the house) I will be proud of my work today and I will take into consideration the state of myself and honor me! I will Love me and always do my best and give myself the benefit of the doubt! I am going to do me today. Go do you today! Take care of you! My business cards used to say “take the time to take care of you!” It’s time to once again recommit to that!

I could really use a good attitude Adjustment! (Hint hint to you Hubs, wink wink) But writing this and coming back to read it is helping me get motivated, I hope it helps you too! Have a great day, you deserve it and deserve to be loved by you, not just by your kids and husband. Those who created you (your parents) and those you created life with (spouse) and those you gave life to (your kids) deserve to have a teammate in you and not be carrying you through life without your help. Love yourself the way they love you and the way you love them!

That is your challenge today on this hump day: Love you and show your family that you do! Please share with me what you are doing to take care of you today!