Happy Blue Friday!!!!  Go Seahawks (yes I know it is a bye week but for Superbowl Baby!!!)

I am really enjoying my 2015 blogging adventure! I have been doing a bit of trying to sound intelligent and knowledgeable and like I know what I am talking about but I sometimes I feel like I am full of shit! I just watched an episode of Girls Guide To Divorce (which I have never watched and never wanted to kind of because I don’t want it to be foreshadowing since I am writing this blog about marriage and love and sex and Abby is writer who wrote a marriage book and then got a divorce don’t know much more about the story) but something struck me of what Abby said. She pitched an idea(I think for a new book I only caught about 45 minutes of this particular episode) to her friend and her friend laughed at her and then Abby went to …. “I am full of shit” and the friend said YES! Go with that! She did. Abby’s pitch was basically “I want to write about crazy shit” and the people in the board room loved it.

When I started this blog I wanted to write about my marriage that has been held together with some crazy shit! The hubs and I get told a lot that we are a perfect couple, truth is I think they are right, but we are sometimes the perfect couple storm too. We like to socialize together. We rarely go out on Girls Night Out or Guys Night Out, actually the Hubs is usually invited to Girls Night Out because he will drive me home for one, and he is a lot of fun to hang with, the girls like him around he makes us laugh and he will even chat with the girls about girl stuff and he is the type of guy who is not afraid to go to the store just to buy Tampons for me. I always crash, and by crash I mean I am invited to, Guys Night Out because I am kind of one of the guys too. I like football I know football just as much or more than the guys I was even a proxy Fantasy Football drafter when one buddy was TDY for work. We have fun together we don’t get jealous we are both kind of flirts but respect each other as well. The Hubs does not like to dance much. He will if I ask nicely or if he is drunk enough or in the right mood. But we have a few friends who do like to dance and will dance with me. I always ask the Hubs before I head out on the dance floor with another man. He usually looks at me funny and says “why are you asking me?” For me it is because I respect you and want to put it all out there so you know what I am doing and there are no surprises.

It’s fun times like this that make our relationship so fun and our lives happy. Fun is a big reason to be happy. Spending time with your spouse or partner is a good way to build connection. You do not have to be attached at the hip! That is what confuses a lot of people sometimes though but it shouldn’t. People need to be secure in their relationship. I think that is one reason we are so happy and have so much fun. I love the nights when we meet up after being in two different conversations and say…”fancy meeting you here!” Then we snag a kiss and maybe cop a feel and then go back to our respective conversations or activities. I like dancing and girl talk, he plays cards or outside games and/or BBQing with the boys. We are the perfect couple because we are secure with each other and love to spend time together with our family and friends and also have great time alone together too!

I too want to write about the crazy shit. I have some crazy stories (there are way more crazy rumors floating around out there about me so don’t get any ideas, can you hear the Katy Perry music too) but I have to figure out how to fit them into the context of a blog and get the details right, you as the reader need it to make sense and that may be hard because many of my stories are like listening to a group of giggly drunk girls explain what their giggly inside joke just was about…let’s see if I can actually write about that stuff and make sense..might be fun… But we have to remember I am not a writer but I have 342 days left this year to work on it! And Don’t judge you know you have these stories too! Go have fun with you lover this weekend! I plan to!