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So yesterday I wrote I want to write about crazy shit! Well today I am doing crazy shit with my writing. And that is I am trying to finish my writing in 15 minutes. Last night was The Boy’s Birthday Sleepover. So that is the Crazy Shit I am writing about.

Now, I love my Boy, and the friends he had over, however I am so not made for boy sleepovers. They were crazy! Running around crazy like. Everything turned into a wrestling match. Even a soak in the Hot Tub I look out and they are tackling each other trying to hold their heads underwater. I went out and said “don’t horse around” and knowing that 9 year old boys need a little more detail than that I said “No tackling or dunking” and then look out 5 minutes later and they were tackling so I go out again and they said, “we were wrestling not tackling” Oh my word…. I felt like the mom constantly telling them what not to do.

The Boy has had sleepovers before but not with more than 2 kids and usually it is with Sports team kids, and 2 out of 3 sports the Boy plays The Hubs coaches. So the kids have a little more respect and understanding, or at least they know how to listen and know what Coach expects. These boys were a bit of a challenge. Not bad kids by any means, kids who seemed to be trying the rules a little. To see how far they could go, well, in this house we have a lot of rules! We decided a long time ago that rules will stay the same whether friends are here or not! So, most friends have figured that out, but note to self, don’t have a sleepover with friends who have not, or who have not been over to the house by themselves. In the future rule will be they have to have been here for a one on one sleep over first or be an extreme circumstance. That way they know what to expect and then they won’t come in and try to rial up the crowd against the rules. Not that that happened on purpose it just seemed like it.

“You know what your worst enemy is, it’s your big mouth” a quote I just heard over the TV, Hubs and The Boy are watching Patton. This statement is so true. The Boy and a few of his friends should have learned this by now but they are still working on it. This weekend’s sleepover involved quite a few big mouths. You know the type someone who ALWAYS wins Madden at home and are good football players who have played in the past but stopped, then you realize they may have never touched a football.

It was a mini testosterone fest, basically. It reminded me of a stories from guys weekends and bachelor party repeats that I have heard. Here is one from a few years ago, now this is what I can piece together it should make for good reading but I cannot guarantee the validity or truth since I was not there and we all know how boys like to embellish stories and omit or add a few details here and there. It is pretty fair to say most testosterone fests go like this or similarities run strong at least. Friend J starts trash talking Friend K and after a few words back and forth Friend K takes it personal and gets his feelings hurt and charges Friend J and ends up crashing through the mirrored closet door of Friend J’s hotel room (who btw got out of paying for it with a BS story about being drunk need to take a poop and tripping while trying to maneuver around the bed, hotel said no problem sir, we just want to make sure you are not hurt..aka they didn’t want to get sued”) {running out of writing time} Bottom line is, a 9 year old sleep over is nothing different from a bachelor party except there are chaperons and the 9 year old are just learning to try to find a place for their testosterone filled selves to fit in. And with that will come some growing pains and mini probably some major fights. I need to channel The Hub/s Best friend’s dad who used to make the Hubs and his best friend always shake on it and be friends. Boys recover from these things pretty easy though right. Lessons learned this weekend all in all it was fun!
Time’s up…now I get to spell check right?….
P.S.  I am so glad that this house will be kid free tonight We all know I need it!!!
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