Edit note: I used Stay at Home Mom reference for this but really it can be used synonymously with mom. I believe it is not only relevent to stay at home mom’s all moms I believe possess all of these qualities working, part time full time and stay at homers!
Today is Monday of Super Bowl 49 Week. My Seattle Seahawks are competing for the title of Super Bowl 49 Champions! One thing we hear Pete Carroll and the team use a lot is “Always Compete”. In football a lot of cliches and metaphors are used. And more are made each day! I am going to take a championship attitude to everything I do this week. It is easy to give a football competition metaphor to another sport but I am going to try to apply it to Sex Love and Washing Clothes this week. I am going to start with the “Washing clothes” in this blog.
My focus today is to get my Master Bedroom done, purge old stuff, reorganize the stuff that stays and make it easily manageable to stay that way. Having a Championship Mindset for this task is going to start with preparation. This task of cleaning, purging and reoraganizing is like practice and weight training and game planning. The cleaning and purging part is the strength training. Repitition that is to strengthen for the purpose of getting stronger and faster. Training in the sport specificity but not specifically playing the actual game or route running or anything. The Reorganizing is game planning and preactice reps. Making sure things have a home and there is easy access to it and it looks good to the eye. Daily living and putting things away when finished using it and not throwing clothes on the floor and keep it up is the game part. The Championship part. To be a Champion here my room will have to stay clean and organized! Everyday for a stay at home mom her game is putting things away dusting off the tops of the shelf and vacuuming up the dirt brought in from the family. 
Let’s break down the players (Seahawks) on the field in relation to Stay at Home Moms
A SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) is like the linemen on the field. (Shout out to Max Unger, Justin Britt Russel Okung some of my faves) She does the dirty work so the QB and WR can make an amazing catch and throw and celebrate the touchdown in the Endzone. Meanwhile mom, or lineman in this metaphor, lay on their back recovering from exhaustion as the touchdown dance is celebrated (Dear Linemen, please don’t get offended in the metaphor. You know those rough grinding days that the opponents really make you work. I know you condition and work hard and many times are right the in celebration but those rough days, same to you moms you know those days you just want to lay down on the floor in the waiting room for the well child check up, do we always have to be vertical?)
Now SAHMs don’t get offended by me calling you a lineman. Let me add some context for you non football SAHMs out there. Lineman protect the Quarterback. They make holes for Lynch and Turbin to run through to score. Without the lineman (the bigs guys who line up kind of squatted in a three point stace over the ball) our skill players (quaterbacks, wide recievers and running backs) could  not excite us with their skills! Linemen grind, I bet they got to work on Sundays knowing they might get their ass kicked that day and/or they will give an ass kicking! The way I know that I will today when I go into my master bedroom but I will not stop until I too give one! Marshawn is going to be scoring and skittle will be flying! And for your defensive linemen type, there will be some blockers on their back and that QB of clutter (my Tom Brady today) will be sacked at lest 4 times today might even tip one of his deflated balls.
Or maybe we stay at home moms are like the LOB, the Legion of Boom. They steal the ball from the hot shot QB of the bad guy team in the form of interceptions and sometimes they even get a pick six (which is where they score a touchdown). Or they strip the ball from the hands of the ball carrier. They deliver the big hit like Kam Chancellor did against Vernon Davis on National TV a couple seasons ago (had to post a link of this hit). Or they tip the ball away from a would we be game winning touchdown like Richard Sherman did in the 2013 NFC Championship game vs Crabtree the infamous Mediocre receiver. Or we are like Earl Thomas who sits back and waits for his oppurtunity to pounce on the offensive player with the ball. Even with a dislocated Shoulder in this years NFC Championship Game he laid a hit on Eddy Lacey to hold him out of the Endzone! (Earl Thomas is my favorite player!) He is so focused so calculated so explosive, so good! Mom’s are an important role in families, they protect their family the way the LOB protects the Seahawks Endzone. We Like the LOB, always know when and where to come up with a big hit, pick six, or a strip in the form or a great snack, a fun party game to keep kids from killing each other, running in that library book just in time for your kid to check out a new one and flashing the headlights at the bus driver so your kid doesn’t miss the bus, that finishing move with the husband (wink wink) we know how to come up with the big plays when all seems down.
SAHMs also can relate to how Russell Wilson and company run the offense. Well calculated game plan flawless execution. Always ready for what comes next never surprised and when there is something that doesn’t work there is no panic. He can rely on the Beast of Marshawn Lynch to run it into the Endzone or use him in a Play Action and get the job done with a QB sneak. Mom’s, just like Russel Wilson, know how to use our assets we delegate but are not afraid of keeping it ourselves and running for the first down or into the Endzone for the touchdown. 
There is a mom metaphor to Luke Willson the Tight End as well. He lines up on the line and protects the QB for pass plays but he is also available to run up the seam for the score! I love the Wilson to Willso play it is just so fun to say. We mom’s can make the plays like Russell Wilson but can also be versitile like a Tight End needs to be. Sometimes they have the QBs Back in a blocking sceme and others they are the featured receiver, just don’t drop the ball and know your route, which all mom’s are great at!
We moms also relate to Marshawn Lynch pretty well. He is “All about that Action” as are we. It doesn’t matter how it gets done it just needs to get done and if you get in our way especially if you get in our kids way we will stiff arm you, knock you down and then walk into the Endzone that is ours to score the touchdown aka get shit done! But don’t ask us how we did it. We don’t want to tell you how we got the teacher to see things our way or how we made the right moves to get things just perfect for that birthday party we just did it. Let our body of work speak for itself and get the fuck out of our way! (Next time you wife grabs her crotch as she finishes dinner cleans the kitchen and folds the laundry in time for her favorite show, don’t punish her just give her some Skittles)
Maybe we are like the Linebackers Bruce Irvin and KJ Wright they come up big with a sack at the right time. (the Hubs was a line backer too.) The linebacker is like the QB of the defense. Calling in defensive plays making sure everyone is where they need to be (at least that’s how the Hubs team is) They also are the ones who get to blitz and sack the opposing QB. The Seahawks LBs are kind of quiet but will let you know who is there when it needs recognizing.
SAHMs are also a little like Micheal Bennett in that we are not afraid to get on a bike and go for a Joyride. But for us that might look like swinging on the swing at the park, yes we know it’s for the kids but why not take a moment for some fun when we deserve it!
But realistically we probably fit the best with Pete Carrol…He manages all these personalities. He taught and instilled the Championship mind set in these players. These players love Pete Carrol and it shows has been able to reach the players who have been well off from the time of birth to those rose from the ghettos. He can hang with Marshawn and Russell and have them on the same page. who would have thought or expected that from the 2nd oldest coach in the league? We moms are similar, we can get the dancer and the wrestler working together on chores after school and then get them to their respective practices on time. We know what to feed the Boy before practice to get him to focus and we know that the Girl needs the right water bottle in order to stay hydrated. We know what it takes to make our family Champions and we do it in our own way and will continue our way no matter what the experts say! Stay your course. Pete Carrol has kept the Seahawks schedule the same as he did last year when they won. We mom’s take control of our families in the schedules, to feeding, the taxi-ing, the game planning. We do it all we have to have confidence and know our team and make it work for them! This is where we shine, but not really “shine” we don’t get a whole lot of the credit but we are the Pete Carols of our family
And we mom’s have our days (some more than others) Just like Wide Reciever Jermaine Kearse and “angry Doug Baldwin” did in the NFC Championship game. Jermaine had a few dropped passes, a tip (maybe 2) that resulted in an intercetption. Despite his best efforts he kept coming up short. But he never gave up and Russle never gave up on him. He and Doug Baldwin kept going out the and grinding and working. Doug caught a long pass to give the drive momentum and in the end Jermaine caught the winning touchdown. We mom’s have our rough days and dropped balls. We gotta keep on trying  keep grindingand the family has got to keep on trusting and we will win the game for them! Never give up moms! Honestly I don’t think we know how (and by we I mean we mom’s and The Seahawks)
What is your SAHM player personality? Do you have another suggestion? I would be curious if the players would agree with me and my SAHM metaphors. It was fun writing, hope you like it and get inspired this SuperBowl Week!  Go Hawks!

Send in the troups if you don’t hear from me off to tackle the Master Bedroom!!!