It is Sunday!!! Pro Bowl game is on the TV right now it is 5:30 PM! I haven’t got a chance to write yet. 
I made an awesome breakfast, eggs, sausage and cheese scramble and hash-brown, sausage and cheese skillet. Well for the kids it was lunch…brunch. Then as I cleaned up the kitchen then the Hubs was working on the Hot Tub he asked for my assistance and I had to run an hour away for a part for it only to realize that it was closed despite what the website and their message on their phone says. So the Girl (who rode with me)  and I went to Dania, my favorite and now her favorite, furniture store. So it didn’t feel like a wasted hour long drive…The Boy and the Hubs used the time to go throw the ball around and get ready for Little League try outs next week. As I was driving I was thinking about the fact that I hadn’t written to my blog yet and that I will be home in time to watch the Pro Bowl with the fam (we are a true football family) and make dinner and do normal everyday mom-ish type things. I was feeling like the whole writing thing today might not happen because I don’t want to miss out on time with the family.
As I sit here writing I pause to laugh, The boy just told the Hubs not to use Viagra because he (referring to himself) could get skin cancer…WTF? Where the hell did that come from? I had to stop to laugh and giggle. I asked why he had some reason that didn’t make sense but just a little hilarity that goes on here in the Earl household.
So what I want to say it that it is important to me to be present in my household. Not just home, not just in the same room. (We are now giggling about the funniness of these Mathew McConaughey commercials). Being present is not sitting in a room on your phone while at your child’s baseball practice. Don’t give me the “I am at my kids practice everyday” as if it takes so much effort to sit and scroll through Facebook while you sit in the car and watch my husband teach your kid the nuances of the game. Not that I think you have to be there, but that is not being present. I am not being super present with my family right now, my real time side notes are a little examples of what I might be missing and half an attempt to try to make them think I am being present.
Basically to be present you have to put your phone down (insert other applicable electronic device here as in Ipad, laptop or even your knitting) and your head up. I just missed an amazing catch by Antonio Brown in Triple coverage, good thing for replay I can look up and watch it, it was a great catch, however I did missed the hit on Andrew Luck as he played. There are no replays in real life. If you miss your son’s base hit or home run because your head was buried in your phone or you were chatting with another mom (guilty), you will not get that moment back. …(Pause another McConaughey commercial)…. If not present I wouldn’t be able to watch my son crack up about it, not because he knows what he is saying because his dad is making fun of it and The Boy thinks it’s funny and wants to make his dad laugh more. Sometimes it is a good release to take that moment to have the mom to mom chat and get a vent out or let another mom vent. But seriously Facebook Twitter and this blog even can wait until later it is digital don’t miss your families moments!
So put your phone down, and pick your head up. Make eye contact with your family (and even the cashier at the grocery store) watch the game, don’t miss you daughters dance for Facebook! Read my blog,,,everyday because I write it everyday but don’t miss family time for it! And remember, that amazing things happen and will still happened even if you don’t have a selfie to prove it! I am going to watch this game and get dinner going too. The Boy says “Go Team Carter” 
BTW The Hubs will tell me I need to practice what I preach so I am picking my head up! We probably all need a bit of a reminder to be present in every moment. Let’s do this people!

One Week until Super Bowl 49… GoHawks!