Happy Blue Thursday! It’s Turnover Thursday! Today I weighed myself and weighed in in the 160’s!!!  First time in 2015 and only the second time in a very long time! Yay me! I don’t like to share my weight but being that I share everything else why not? This last week has been a bit rough with “that time of the month” and a lot of cheat bites of cake or frosting or skittles! With the Seahawks being in the Super Bowl this weekend, Hell, just the Super Bowl parties in general makes it tough. In our culture, we celebrate everything with food. We also commiserate with food and we fill our boredom with food and procrastinate with food. We make memories with food. That, especially memory making, is not all bad. It started when our country was discovered during the first Thanksgiving ever! And let’s not forget the Thanksgiving Celebration this year with Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman on the 50 yard line at Levi Stadium after the big win on Thanksgiving Day. I struggle with having a good relationship with food. The word moderation used to be my motto but then I realized I don’t know how to exercise moderation in terms of food. So as you readers of this blog know I have restricted my food intake this month going no carbs and also doing “Dry January” both of those thing contributed to my weight loss of about 8 pounds so far this month.
What’s a worry for me (yes I know worry is bad and serves no purpose) is that this weekend Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday and Februaury 1. The end of Dry January and No Carb January. My Seahawks are participating in this game (and I am super stoked and excited, as you all know already #GoHawks!) I am worried about tanking my weight loss track, I am worried if I eat too much I will not stay in the 160s and I am worried that if I don’t eat this weekend I will never get to touch a Nacho ever again! OK, I know that sounds stupid but I think that is one thing that keeps me eating sometimes. (Again, yes this is very illogical but honestly it is a subconscious thing that people with bad relationships with food struggle with) I eat like I will never get another snack or treat again. If I could convince myself that food will always be there I don’t need to stock up for the winter (or for the term of the diet) then I may have an easier time saying, no. And the fact that it will be February, I won’t have Dry January to fall back on. Not that I can’t avoid it just because, but this girl struggles telling herself no sometimes. But I will continue to go as I have during the last three months that I have lost about 25 pounds. I would like to be down 10-20 pounds more which would put me at my wedding weight I think I may be happy just being in the 150s…. But who knows I am the type who is never happy with the way I look. I will continue to work on that! I am proud of myself for where I am at now and almost enjoying clothes again!
Body image and self confidence is a subject that all women I believe struggle with! Confidence and Self Esteem, both things I want my daughter to learn better than I did. I was never taught that, my mom was never confident. I was not modeled any of that by my mom! (and The Girls is already on a better track than I was at her age thanks to dance and her ability to love herself and be proud of who she is I will take a bit of that credit too, but it probably comes from the Hubs) As I draw a connection to my blog post today to The Seahawks, those guys have confidence! They are good and they know it and they don’t doubt themselves. They are good now but they like me, were not born good at football, they trained and learned and prepared and practiced and they continue to practice! They set themselves up with a game plan and don’t waver and they bring home the win. I have planned and prepared meals, set aside time for workouts and have tried these last few months to prepare to be healthy and fit into my jeans! I will continue to do the same. My plan for this weekend to not tank my weight loss journey (which by the way when I get to my goal I will be getting a Seahawks inspired tattoo). My plan is to be prepared, to use my Emeals subscription to plan my meals and scheduling exercise. I am going to continue to use my Seahawks blinged out travel cup to get in enough water and when needed I will add and extra run in to intercept any extra calories trying to attaching to my hips (or something like that).
Bottom line I will use the model I see from the Seahawks to have a game plan  for success (meal planning, exercise, hydration) and I will tackle it and when I am down or get sacked I will get back up and keep my focus as this game and go for it! It is not over until it’s over and I will be the Champion that I know I am! I can’t wait for the game this weekend the Seahawks are going to play hard and do their best and, I think, beat the Pats! Even cheating teams, eh hem Patriots, will see this team is no joke! I don’t know who will win, I hope it is the Seahawks, but I do know that my team will come out playing hard, hitting hard and bring 100% effort all the way to the end, I don’t think anyone can beat them when they come out playing hard for each other and stay focused. So I will do the same I will work hard for me, no one (no food) can beat me when I go hard and stay focused! 
What part of your life do you need to take control over and stay focused to achieve? Game Plan, train and prepare to win! Always Compete! Today is Turnover Thursday, go get what is yours take it from the enemy and claim your prize, LOB style! Earn everything, you know you can! You deserve to take care of you! But if you need motivation look at your team around you (your family) and do it for them! They deserve you to be the best you, for them!
Go Hawks!