Today is the day before Super Bowl 49! I saw a picture a friend who is there posted and it was a sea of 12s! A 12 is a loyal Seahawks fan, loud and proud. The 12th Man helping the team win. We are loyal to our team and we are loud! It is kind of a perfect science being a 12, Paul Allen created our stadium for the 12s to maximize the volume but as a 12 the science is being loud as loud as you can, you have to make your voice last until the end of the game. It is knowing when to be loud, loud on defense quiet on offense. University of Phoenix Stadium is going to be loud! Go Hawks!
How loyal are you to your team? I got chills, goose bumps and tears (I am always really emotional) when I saw all the 12s in AZ! Win or lose I am a true 12 a fan! I am raising 2 more true 12s as well! I am connected to this team and have used the Seahawks team and their philosophies to motivate my kids and myself! This team, this game is a big thing in life, speaks to me on so many levels. I am sort of a crazy super fan. I get motivation, relief from stress, happiness and joy from the Seahawks football team. I get a family day tomorrow with my husband kids and one of my favorite girl friends and her family tomorrow because of it! I am so thankful for that!
This morning the Girl and I made two Seahawks themed cakes for a fundraiser Auction for her dance team (Seahawks are really infused in our lives). The Boy and Hubs were at baseball tryouts and now we are watching Superbowl coverage for tomorrows game! So excited for our team they deserve a great win! Superbowl Sunday really should be a national holiday! It is more versatile than any other holiday we nationally recognize. We will be glued to the TV and love every second of it! Use your Seahawks voice a lot it will be 8 months until you get to do it again!What is your ritual for good luck our is Good Luck Sex, of course it is right?  No pre-game pep talk needed! We will be having our Superbowl good luck sex and enjoy it and we will use our Seahawks voices, maybe Grandma will take the kids tonight…. Go get you some!
I am going to help the Girl curl her hair for a performance can’t wait to watch her dance tonight! (I am a true 12 when watching her dance to, she is so good.) What a great two days I get. I am going to stay in and enjoy this moment!