It is Superbowl Sunday!!! The Seahawks are prepared The 12s are prepared! The Girl and I have glittered up our Seahawks make up and added tiaras today! It is a perfect day to wear a crown! I do have a Hat that my MIL made for me that has been my lucky hat standing by. I will be putting it on later around game time or just after kick off!

Today is a family day, a friend day, a day of celebration. A day to leave the diets,stress and drama outside and enjoy some yummy foods and drinks and a great game and a great show. Jello Shots are a tradition here, a good friend of mine started the tradition a few years ago and now she lives in Vegas so I continue to make them. I am tearing up at the thought of the amazingness that today is for the team and for the 12s!

Always Compete! I’m In! We all we got! We all we need! 12 Life!

I am a fan looking forward to the opportunity for my team to raise that Lombardi trophy once again I am so excited! Sex Love and Washing Clothes is not so much a focus for me today, no deep thoughts or motivations today, just celebrations! We have had our good luck sex, I will start some laundry and I will be with many that I love today!

Here are my words of wisdom today: Be in the moment! Don’t be afraid to break out the Glitter and be flashy! Make memories in this glorious day given to you. Let’s go Hawks! use your Seahawks voice! I bet you all will be hearing a lot of 12s today! I am so happy and over joyed and excited!

And nervous!

I hope one day you all have the opportunity to see your team go to the Superbowl! I am going to enjoy today. I can’t hold back my smile and sometimes tears of joy! Go hang with your family, have some drinks and yummy food and love those around you! It is like Christmas only more versatile! Have a great day folks!

#Everyday2015 #GoHawks