Today my heart is heavy! My Seahawks lost the Superbowl. They had a great season. It was a good game! The last play of the game the Seahawks could have won it. Play called was a pass that was intercepted… So sad to lose the game. The Seattle Seahawks run the ball with Marshawn Lynch, that is what our identity is. Lynch had a great game running the ball. Beast Mode carries the Seahawks on his back, sometimes literally. My facebook post was “worst call ever” which I think I still believe. However, we play as a team. Marshawn does a lot for our team but even he would tell you he is not all the Seahawks have. We have great receivers as well and a great quarterback. If that play had gone the other way, we would say what a great call! The box was stacked with nine defenders ready to protect the End zone from the Beast Mode or Russell Wilson from the TD run! So it may have been a good call, you don’t want them to leave the Patriots and Tom Brady time to mount a drive for a comeback. It is a head scratcher! 
Why didn’t they do what we do? The Seahawks run the ball, we are a running team. Never change you for anything! We are a running team, we run the ball! But we do have Russell Wilson he is a good and a lot of great receivers! There are a lot of conspiracy theory’s of why they didn’t run. I have the benefit of having a coach in the house and as the Hubs said, as a coach that was not a bad call. If Lockette went harder for that ball he would have go another chance whether it be a PI call or he toughed it out so that Butler couldn’t catch that ball… The Hubs was the first to say if he caught that ball we would be saying the exact opposite what a great call for the win, they caught the Pats off guard they weren’t ready for it…but they were and we didn’t score we turned the ball over. Then we still had a chance Tom Brady was poised to kneel down in the End Zone to give the Seahawks a safety then we could have got the ball back and possibly kicked a field goal for the win after a quick return of the drop kick that follows a Safety, but we jumped off sides to give the Pats 5 yards and steal the victory out of our own hands, once again! We lost the game.
They played a great game a great season. We kind of lost our identity there at the end but we play as a team! We win as a team and we lose as a team. The whole organization knows that. Richard Sherman said “we put ourselves in a spot where we could win the game, you can’t ask for more than that” We cam up short. Pete Carroll took the blame. His words were “it was my fault” The Offensive Coordinator Derrell Bevell, the guy who actually calls the plays, Pete Carroll and Tom Cable also approve them but Bevell calls the plays. Bevell said in an interview (paraphrasing here) “Richardo Lockette should have tried harder to catch the ball.” Are you Fucking kidding me Bevell? You’re going to blame the guy on the field who got laid out in your stupid play call. Where is your team effort and your responsibility? You don’t call out your players like that. You do what Pete did, it was my fault or you defend your call, you don’t call out Lockette! I am not a fan of Bevell, haven’t been for a while (Percy Harvin Jet Sweep calls ect) but that solidified my opinion of him! I can get on board with that call there were 9 men in the box and Lynch is 1 for 5 for scoring a TD run at the 1 yard line, so in theory a pass play may have been an alright call. Execution is key in that moment. But I want to win and we didn’t so that opens up the questioning. Questioning the play call not the players.
Someone has to lose, something has always got to give! I am a sad fan and may not be making sense. It is hard to make sense of this for us die hards who just watched our team lose. Football represents more than just a game! There is so much metaphor in the game! I want to focus on this: Always do YOU! Seahawks identity is running the ball, but we also have great receivers and a good passing game. The Seahawks coaches over thought that play. How many times in life do we over-think and go outside of ourselves and our normal “identity” and we throw a proverbial interception in our lives. We forget an important piece and end up dropping the ball! This is really the story of my life. I have so many great plans, such drive and desire to do the right thing and then at the last minute plans get changed or something gets forgotten. Bottom line I drop the ball and the Hubs comes home with the house blown up in disaster! The kids arrive late for their practice or and important event or that important piece of paperwork is on the table. Sometimes I get so caught up I will read information wrong and truly mean to do the right thing and make plans to do so but I am doing it at the wrong time or the wrong day… Game planning is awesome and necessary but execution and following your true identity has to couple together with that game plan and a few stars also have to align for it to all go as planned! In life and football! We judge ourselves by our intentions but others judge us by our execution.
This 2nd place finish is sad. I was celebrating a 2nd place finish with my son’s team after they lost the championship, they lost their identity on the field but came back strong and fell just short of an amazing come back! It is much easier when you are trying to teach young boys that there is life after a loss. The Seahawks 2nd place seems harder to take. I can step back and see we had an amazing season we have a great team and are poised to continue and be in the Superbowl next year too, but today…2nd place sucks! Don’t lose sight of the how hard it is to be 2nd. In high school my drill team placed 2nd at Nationals, we couldn’t have been more proud we had a great performance. The Hubs’ Football team lost the State Championship game (won their League went undefeated that year) and I was proud of his team, The Boy’s team was 2nd and my mommy heart welled up with pride. The Girl got 2nd place overall at Nationals for her solo this last year (1st in her category) The Ducks lost in the National Championship Game but were Pac 10 Champs and the Seahawks lost this Superbowl but are NFC Champs! Great seasons, great teams, great players and great coaches. It is not all about that final win or loss! It is a bout the journey and drive to come back stronger and better next time! 
Never give up and never discredit how hard you worked to get where you are! Always aim high, Shoot for the Moon even if you miss, you will still land among the stars! You may not get that trophy but you SHOULD be proud of your effort! Can’t win them all. Gotta go back and play strong next year, or tomorrow or when ever you need to shine next. It’s all about that action Boss! Go Seahawks!
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