Happy productive Tuesday! I am feeling inspired today. I have no idea why! I am having a productive day! It is a big accomplishment for me to have gotten laundry going, towels folded, swept and cleaned behind the fridge and stove and swept and scrubbed the floor and lower cabinet doors in the kitchen, cleaned the top of the fridge, most of that was done before the kids went to school and it’s not even late start day) Today I have also vacuumed, went grocery shopping and have purchased groceries for the whole week of meals planned for me by eMeals.com and put that stuff away and I had a Physical Therapy appointment as well. I think that this is weird and kind of sad that I am celebratory about this. I feel so unproductive most days but today I have felt driven and focused and accomplished. Where did this come from?

I guess I shouldn’t question it. I just want to know what started this because I want it to continue! For me to be driven enough to get tasks done before the kids even go to school is awesome. I always think the night before that I should do that more but never actually get motivated enough to do so. I am so excited that I didn’t even have to try hard to stay focused or get moving! Normally I sit on the couch drinking coffee and get sleepy siting here waiting for time to get the kids up. Sometimes that is when i do my blog but I wasn’t feeling it today I got up and made breakfast and commenced some cleaning.

Is this what normal people are like. They just get up and do what needs to be done, when they have the time and need to do it? A normal person doesn’t have to convince themselves to get up and get shit done. I love that I got stuff done I hope that is how everyday goes. I want to be this woman everyday. A woman who does what’s on her list without having to look at it. (Shit, I just realized a few things I needed to do and one other thing I can’t for the life of me remember what it was. I know it was a phone call I had to make.) Regardless I like how it felt today and I like how I feel right now knowing it was a productive day. I hope it continues tomorrow.

I am hoping to keep this flow going and see where it takes me. I have towels to put away a load of laundry to fold and put away but I have already done the Hubs’ work clothes (which got started this AM) they are already hanging up (I even remembered to buy more hangers so when I am caught up on laundry everything has a hanger to hang on in my closet). I have to look at my recipe for dinner tonight and decide and figure out which meal I am making tonight. Did I tell you I have dinner purchased and bought for the whole week? I only spent $151 for meals for the whole week because I had a list and plan normally at the grocery store for a weeks worth it is at least 50% more. I am hoping to keep this great juju going!

I even feel this hint of horny sexual energy. Which I haven’t noticed for a while. The last few weeks it has felt slightly repetitive and boring or forced (kind of but not really)… not because I don’t or haven’t wanted to have sex but because it has been expected (not by the hubs, by me) and it has been a little mechanical, monotonous, repetitive, forced, weird…I don’t know what the right word is I usually do get in the mood with some good fore play though. Even right now, thinking of having sex with my husband right now I am getting a little tingly down there. Which I haven’t lately so whatever hormonal or chemical or head thing has been going on is getting straightened out. YAY! Please God let this stay!

I am going to focus on the positive and be thankful, I will update you tomorrow! Hope you all have a great day. I am hoping that tonight will bring some good energy in the bedroom and I can blow my husband away the way I have blown myself away with all my progress today.

Does anyone else ever feel like this? Or is it just me. I am proud of myself today and I will try to stop judging my crazy-self now. I really do love my crazy, just not all of it. So I am working on loving ALL of my crazy!