Today I am blogging from the dance convention. At Dance conventions the dancers get a chance to take master classes and learn routines in different dance styles. Every dancer has a favorite style and also and least favorite or sometimes a hated style. My daughters least favorite would probably be tap. The noise of tap class drives me crazy even! The second class of theday was tap today. I fell in love with the tap teacher’s passion for dance and teaching dance and teaching passion to these kids! His passion for tap and what I hate about it is what I fell in love with, tap is about making music with your feet. Standitis is the plague. Standitis is the opposite of dancing! It’s standing and for a dancer it is what will get you over looked and never hired for a dance job or win you anything.  I LOVE THIS CONCEPT! His passion about this oozed from his being! I am not sure the 10 years olds in his class quite got it but OMG I did and the other parents I was sitting with got it!
It’s about passion, what is your passion? Chances are, it is not dance. But thes kids and my daughter’s, at least for today, is. She sometimes gets frustrated with dance friends who don’t take things as seriously as she does. She gets frustrated with me for taking it too serious I am sure. However, oozing your passion will only take you places! Allowing Standitis to take over you will only lead you to failure! It doesn’t matter what your passion is, staditis leads to failure every single time! It is a bad habit that must be broken. I think standitis is plaguing America in every areana! No one wants to harness their passion and dance it out! People are looking for a quick fix, a pill to take to fix their problems when the actual problem is standitis.
Standitis is that desire to sit or ‘stand’ and do nothing. That thing that keeps you hitting the snooze button in the morning. That thing that makes excuses for you when you know you need to get up and workout. It what keeps us “phoning it in” instead of showing up!
Harness your passion and use that to drive you! Sometimes as real people we don’t get the oppurtuity to do what we are passionate about for a living. We have to have real jobs that kind of suck sometimes to support our lives and support our passion! But in those mundane jobs you can and must find something to be passionate about and dance it out, big! I am not passionate about doing dishes but I am pasionate about my family! So I must find a way to not have standitis and do it big! I believe it is possible. It takes jsut doing it! 
Not every dancer’s passion is tap, this teacher, Jason, was teaching tap but bigger than that he was teaching passion. Giving in to standitis will not lead to a promising career in dance which some of these kids want. Nor will it lead to winning the sought after scholarship they are auditionig for. Having and showing standitis shows you are just like everyone else just going through the motions. Living with passion is dancing big and bold and smiling and putting in your all! That will win scholarships and will get you paid to do what you love.
What is your passion and are you plagued with standitis? It is easy to not have it, dancing is the absecnse of standitis. So the cure for standitis is dancing. So go, dance your passion do it big and get noticed win that promotion, the good job or whatever you are pasionate about! Live out loud! Don’t let the standers around you pull you down. Ignore the chatter and the looks and do you! DO YOU, BIG!
Dance it out! Live the life you want and love and don’t stand around and watch the one you don’t want! Only you control you!  Now go get it, be passionate about your job, your lover and your family and show it!!!  Let no one see you standing or be able to accuse you of having standitis!

Live and dance and love out loud with passion!