Happy Hump Day!!  You know what that means right?…. A Hump Day Challenge! OMG that sounds so cheesy and campy…but I kind of  LOVE it!
However, I am in a foul mood today. The Girl stayed home from school sick and I had a plan of what I was going to accomplish today and that threw a hitch in the plans and derailed my fucking day!!!! I am so irritated at myself for that! I have done nothing today! Which may cause a fight with the hubs. He is such a hard worker and I am lazy slob today! I will make up for it tomorrow or someday! He will see the good in me even in my bad days right? He even has to work this weekend! Fuck me why can’t I get my shit together? All I have to do is just do it! I really need a run! I need to get my head straight with a runners high!But I really need to get my laundry folded and put away vacuuming done some decluttering etc…the endless list of house duties! FUCK!  Fuck it I’m blogging let’s focus on something that is more stimulating (I need to figure out how to get paid for this then I can hire a house keeper to do that shitty house stuff that I hate) ….boy I sound bitter and cranky!
It’s Hump Day and after yesterday’s 50 Shades of Grey post (which I was too chicken to share on my real life Facebook page so it has like 6 views or something I know, I shouldn’t be scared of  being judged in real life, but guess what I am human and am scared of being judged and/or offending people….). After yesterday’s post and in honor of the movie coming out this week, it is a great time for a bondage type challenge.  I am using the bondage word very loosely. Since, I am not a Bondage expert and I don’t want to even attempt a  BDSM education, I will have to experiment and have more experience before I get too detailed. So we will start with baby steps. Don’t get scared by me using the word bondage, basically, I want you to either tie up your lover or have him tie you up. 
Just tie up your wrists, either together or separately to bed posts or maybe you want to tie up to a chair feel free to be creative. You can use a robe strap or a belt or scarf. The hubs and I bought this really cool bondage kit that has 4 straps that you can tie to the 4 corners of your bed, however we have a platform king size bed and the straps are too short and I don’t have four corners to tie up to. A scarf works well too, you can even play with one and incorporate a blind fold too. I can’t explain how it is so erotic and exciting and also so tormenting it is to be tied down while he has his way with you. You will have to discover for yourself. 
Relax and have fun with it let your lover rub you, caress you, lick and suck on you. I say that as if you have a choice, when you are tied up, you don’t. He will enjoy your begging and pleading to fulfill your desires and he gets to enjoy and tease you first. It kind of sucks to not be able to touch back while he is all over you but it is kind of hot and sexy and you will want to do it again! He will be your Christian Grey and you his Anastasia Steele and then you can switch rolls, no need to actually know the book just play but if you do know the book play along, and enjoy! (I can’t wait I am so doing this challenge tonight)
Enjoy your mate! Sex is a great way to create and enhance connection. Positive physical touch is an important part of every marriage and relationship! If either you or your partner is uncomfortable with this go at your own pace. Love each other have fun, laugh at yourself if you struggle but make an effort to touch your partner as much as you can when you are not tied up. He will appreciate it and you will get it in return I promise! Let me know how it goes! One day I will get reports back, if you are scared of being judged and commenting send me an email or private message. I want to hear your stories what is working and what you are wanting to read more about. Keep up the good work followers enjoy your hump day. 
My day is already getting better if only I had those 4 hours this morning that I wasted being in a foul mood, guess I should have wrote earlier today! No more time to sulk about it now ladies and gents get to it!