Happy Friday The 13th!!!  Both boys in this house, the Hubs and The Boy were born on Friday the 13th! So it is like a birthday/celebration every Friday the 13th! Today is a bit more “special” because it is the day before Valentine’s Day. I know, I know so many people poo poo Valentine’s Day by saying it’s a Hallmark Holiday, all it is is for card companies and jewelry companies to make money.. blah blah blah. Well I sort of agree but I also sort of disagree. Any excuse to celebrate for me is an awesome excuse to do something special or out of the ordinary and why not live it up and go big? Friday the 13th is a great day in this house! NO bad oman’s or black cat fears here!

I want to do something with the number 13 for today’s blog…with tomorrow being Valentines day and today the scariness of days Friday the 13th, I was reading my kids Valentines today and thought wow, if adults gave Valentines to each other the meaning would change…. I was blushing…which brings me to think, am I obsessed with sex? That’s a topic for another day? Why is it that I can make a child’s Valentine a sexual innuendo, I blame that on the Hubs! My kids are in elementary school and I am reading into child’s Valentine Cards as sexual innuendo….I need help!anyway this sparks my inspiration for my list today.
Best Subtle Sexual Innuendo Valentines Sayings I found online, Thanks to Google

But I will…..
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Inside in our bed
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Yes Please!
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And by Stroll I mean with your tongue!
His Junk is the key and your vag is the lock…
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What man wouldn’t want to hear this?
I know the hubs would much rather a picture of my boobs with this text. But hey…
Just be blunt everyone should have sex on Valentines Day so this card is right to the point.

    Fuck Yeah!

You and your mate have fun however you like!
You get to pick the position….
Yes Please!

So there are a few images of sexual innuendo cards for Valentines Day. I was going to try to post the links to where to find these, I apologize for not but I ran out of time trying to figure out how to on each one so what I did was I googled Valentines Innuendo Cards.  I was hoping to find more cutesie not on purpose cards from children’s Valentines but I will need to research longer and harder more next year! Or that will be tomorrows list maybe… Hope you all enjoy today and use one of these cards to have a great sexy Valentines Day! Go get you some hope you see a black cat and have awesome sex tonight! Happy Friday the 13th!