Damn it! We messed up last night! We fell asleep on the lovers holiday we forgot to make love! Oops! I fell asleep last night and so did The Hubs! We committed to Sex Love and Washing Clothes and #Everyday2015 but fell asleep last night! On Valentines Day of all days! The Holiday for lovers! I am sure there are people who have really crappy sex lives and  only have sex on special occasions that got it on last night and The Hubs and I couldn’t stay up for it? WTF dude?! I am so embarrassed, angry, annoyed with  myself, I feel like I have let down my followers…. But know this friends, we are all human even Ruby Earl gets caught up with life sometimes.
We went out for drinks sang some karaoke we were talking about Super Bowl 45 where The Who did the half time show. I love the song “Reign O’er Me” When we got home we cued it up on our phones and listened to it in bed. I was already all snuggy in bed when The Hubs came in with the speaker, we connected his phone to it via Bluetooth and listened. I felt myself getting sleepy and he said “Do you just want to go to sleep?” I said “NO” but he snuggled up next to me we were both subtly rubbing each other’s ‘special areas’ but we both fell asleep in that exact spot. We woke up this morning and I was instantly bummed, The Hubs said “Well, we made it to Valentines Day”.  Noooooo!!!!!!! It’s not over! I will not give up on it! We will make up for it! We did. We had a quicky before Grandma dropped off the kids this morning. So we will get a two a day today but damn! We missed a day. It feels like a sad walk of shame!
Guess I could have just lied and not told you about it. But that is not me. Neither is just shutting down this blog and ending Sex Love and Washing Clothes all together. No I am fighter and a worker, I will achieve what I set out to…for the most part, one day is not a set back. It is just one day! I will not give up! I will continue to do Sex Love and Washing Clothes every day. It has been good for me and everyone else in this household. My house is cleaner, my husband and I are getting along better, overall. We have our moments but we have learned to communicate with each other, trust that we mean well for each other even when we have a negative moment and be patient during those negative moments. Is because we have had sex everyday this year? I don’t know, but it is one thing I had hoped to happen when I started Sex Love and Washing Clothes. I will not make excuses or use this a reason to stop or give up! I will continue. I will become a better wife, a better lover, a better writer and a better mom. 
My February has started off a little rocky in the taking care of me department. I was a little melancholy from the Seahawks Superbowl loss, not very committed to keeping my eating healthy plan and have not started a workout program that I had told myself would be my focus for February! So here goes my planning you Sex Love and Washing Clothes readers are my accountability group! I will run at least 5 days a week. There are 14 days left in this month so I plan to and want to get in 25 miles so that is a little more than 2 miles per run. That is my February workout plan. The clothes are in the laundry so that part of my Bare Necessities is on track. Sex will happen every day and we will add in at least one two a day today so the average of once a day will workout and maybe a few more two a days to balance out the month!! 
I am trying to get better at my writing I hope you are enjoying it. If you like it, please share my blog with your friends. Like my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter at @SLWC_Ruby  I am contemplating adding more pictures of my real life on my blog and social media accounts. I want to share my life with you but I am slightly nervous of my kids being judged about their mom writing about Sex and/or the Hubs’ work mates or families of kids he coaches being weird about it. And myself being judged. So I am warming up to the idea but for now I will stay hidden behind my Nom De Plume.  Which I enjoy a lot! Feedback on this would be greatly appreciated…. just saying…
Here’s to a better rest of February