It is Monday at 7pm! It feels like Sunday since it was a three day weekend. Which I love and it is awesome to have the whole Fambam together, however it messes with my weekly schedule! It was beautiful day today here in Western Washington! So beautiful that, this whole weekend that we spent pretty much all day yesterday and all day today as a family outside cleaning up the yard and getting it ready for spring. We usually are already into baseball season by the time the weather is good for doing what we did today so it is a nice bonus to get going. We are going to have a good yard again this year!

It is about 2 weeks in the countdown until I go back to work two days a week. My “boss” has already offered to pay for a spot in the B & I to help me get a practice up and going and I am ready! However, I have a long list of projects that need to get done here around the house before the beginning of March. I should make a list… I need to clear clutter off my dresser in the master bedroom, clean the end of the hope chest out at the end of the hallway and figure out a better flow for that area, organize my baking cabinet and the kids craft stuff, and organize the linen closet… I will get this done and be ready with a clean organized house to go back to work. Then when I start working I will utilize every day I am off to be productive, and still have time for our girls lunch on Friday afternoons!  …a girl can dream right? Problem being I like to chill on the couch and procrastinate, I won’t have that time to do so once I start back to work.So I will need to make every effort to be on task like every good mom does…haha right?

We got a good start today, I feel ready to go for the week. The family had some good family bonding time, over arguing who picked up more leaves and filling 14 55 gallon bags full of yard waste! What, not every family bonds this way? I should keep up on the house and yard work so we have more time together as a family. Wait…if I did that when would we get time to bond?! The Girl would be too busy painting her nails, The Boy would be playing video games and The Hubs would be schooling the Boy on the new Forza and I would be doing dishes and folding clothes….so yea I would prefer to argue over who picked up more pine cones… I am looking forward to the next day we all spend all day in the yard! I love those times! A family outing for just because would be fun too. No, I am not talking about a baseball game or dance performance or a trip to Seattle for mommy to do a run. A day to just go play as a family…. but yeah, we are busy and driven and our family thrives on those moments of busy-ness and we love every second so we will enjoy them as they come and just sit and dream about just going out just for fun… in the words of Matisuahu “One Day” (that is the song the Girl’s dance team competes in the Lyrical division).

I love my life!  I love my family! I love my husband! I love my kids! I love my blog! Have a great week everyone! Happy Monday!