Today’s post is late because I have been busy. I had a great coffee with the ladies/Intro to Young Living Essential Oils Class that I taught.  Now I am heading to pick up used bowling pins for wrestler end of season gifts (team mom job) then we have baseball practice (I am also team mom) and another Young Living class… Then kids to Grandma and Date with the Hubs!
As I listened in my second Young Living class today, taught by my team leader, I use her notes when I teach, we say a lot of the same things and I got a reminder of things I had forgotten about. Was fun to spend some time with new people learning about how oils can enhance our lives. I also noticed an interesting energy that got me emotional as she spoke about wearing some of the oils over her heart. I am going to try to use my oils more consistently and try to avoid the meds I blogged about this earlier this week. Maybe it will work for me (disclaimer Essential Oils and/or reps cannot and do not diagnose or treat any medical conditions, see your doctor before going off or avoiding any prescribed meds I am not a doctor do not think I know it all, I am just a mom with an opinion and an ego).
I had a Zyto Scan which scans your energy field gives you oily suggestions to help re-balance and I had something like 37 things out of balance and the Zyto suggestion was Brain Power and Peppermint . I have both and I use them a lot. However recently I have forgotten to use my Brain Power and usually use Peppermint as a driver oil on everything else. Shocking that I would forget to use Brain Power, right?! Not really that shocking!
Anyway there is my day and now my blog. I am going to go be present with my husband and kids until we drop the kids off with Grandma!  Yay for Grandma sleepovers! Then later we are going to try some more moves from our new book! I am so excited to have no kids tonight…(I can use my Seahawks voice hehe)
Whew! Thank goodness for my coffee dates today and new oily friends! And for the Hubs for understanding my struggling this week and being patient about my craziness!  I love him Happy Friday Everyone!!!!
Hope you have some good weekend sex!