Oh my word! What a Saturday today was. I had planned on getting up early, catching up on house work, publishing my blog and then tackle this busy day. Well was up a little to late last night and fell into the temptation to just sleep in until I absolutely had to get up. So I publish my blog at 9pm which is kind of fun and interestingly different perspective of my day. I kind of like it!

Today the Girl got her first Demi Point Shoes. Demi point is also sometimes called Pre-Point. It is the shoe you get when you are dancing well enough to train to be on Point. It was a very emotionally proud mommy day. I was on the verge of tears a few times. So proud of the work she has put in. So proud of the excitement and dedication she has put into her dance. She is the same little girl who loved to dance on stage on the very first performance she was in.

Her very first stage performance was with a Mommy and Me Class. The Girl was 2. We did a Freestyle Scarf Dance to My Favorite Things. The Moms were in a circle and we waved the scarves around and let the kiddos run around and wave their scarves too, they were so cute. The Girl and her Bestie in that class bumped into each other as they danced around. As everyone in the audience clapped at the finish The Girl was the last one to exit the stage because she stopped and clapped with the audience! It was so cute! Her smile and excitement was and still is contagious! We had created a monster

I hope she continues that excitement and contagious energy in everything she does. It makes me so proud to watch her grow in dance and in life! As much as I loved having babies and every stage since I am still enjoying my school age kids just as much. It is a true blessing to watch them grow and move through the stages of life! I will never be sad about it I will just enjoy the moment and cherish those memories!

Stay in your life everyone. Enjoy it as much as a child enjoys every minute. My kids are getting to the age where the innocent child like enjoyment of life starts to be altered with embarrassment and the idea of knowing someone else is watching them and they might look funny. The Girl and The Boy have both had moments where they filter their behavior because the know someone is watching them and they might be scared of what the people might think, but I still get to seethe moments they still have that childlike excitement and just live out loud like no one is watching. Those moments they are dancing like no one is watching. We should all “dance” like no one is watching! Finish your weekend (and live your life) like a child, like you don’t know that anyone is watching. Enjoy, smile, laugh and be silly! Stop and clap with the audience because you are that awesome!