Today is Sunday! It is the day of the Daytona 500! I used to be stoked about that day but we have got busy and NASCAR became kind of boring lately, or maybe it is just boring when you can’t follow and keep up with it, it can be very time consuming because it is a long season. But it is something to occupy Sunday’s when nothing else is going on (I miss football) and you know me any reason to have a party! I think I will be going to get wings and snacks for the race, yes it has started already but it is the Daytona 500 it will be on for a while!
Today I am having a feeling that I don’t want to do anything. I am having a hard time getting motivated. I just want to hang with my family. I have bridal shower for a great close and wonderful friend but I am not feeling social at all. I wonder if I can take her out for lunch or for drinks or something one day to make up for it. I have been busy and this weekend if you are a regular reader you have heard and seen with my late posts (9pm last night) is shows how busy I was. I think my friend will understand, I just don’t know if I will. This is the struggle I have a lot of times. It is an important day, your bridal shower day, but family is important and I haven’t had time with the Hubs or the boy at all this weekend, and next weekend the Girl and I will be at a dance convention so probably won’t see them next week either. I need some quality time with them. But my friend will only have one Bridal Shower, ever but I am pretty sure she knows the struggle and always is understanding. She is one who I feel is honest with me when she can’t make something happen with me and I can be honest with her too. Anyway I will be contemplating this all day.
I have had a lot going on and love it. However, I want some down time. I want a day that the Hubs and I can just lay in bed all day. When we have those days, we don’t just lay in bed all day, we fuck, we make love, and we have sex. Yes those are pretty much the same thing but are also very different! I love the days you don’t have to decide which one you will have to do. You can have crazy mad love take a cuddle break and then just be raw and fuck and then repeat as desired, and then, right before you get up at 5 pm or so, you can end it with “Let’s have sex one last time” just to finish off. I want that day where we have no kids home or even coming home. Where we get up at 5 pm right before we get ready to go out to dinner and a date then come home and have crazy mad fucking love again before we go to sleep. Maybe even have some outdoor naked time… just have more than 24 hours to do nothing unless we want to and have no responsibilities! Grams and Gramps will be home from AZ soon and I am sure we can talk to them about taking the kiddos for a weekend or so, wonder if I can talk the Hubs into letting the Boy skip a Saturday Baseball practice…. 
A mini vacation to Vegas or Portland would be fun too. We have to decide do we want to take some of the time to drive or fly to a location or just to be lazy… Hmmm…. But then we would have to pay for  it too…
I think this may sound like I am complaining. I am just having a rough time and I think a little vacation or break might be needed! I love my life, being a stay at home mom (soon to be part time working mom), having my kids busy and being proud of them, taking care of the house being there to give the Hubs a kiss when he comes in the door … I do love everything about my life. Sometimes we all get overwhelmed and I am starting to realize that, I need a reboot! We all do. Sometimes we need to get creative to make it happen due to schedules, finances, kids, jobs etc. But bottom line, I am right there needing that reboot. I need to make it happen ASAP before things get too bad and I end up hating my life or at least before I get resentful about all the things that stress me out! So in the next month I need to make my reboot happen! I need to make that a priority because if I need it, I bet the Hubs does too!
Time to plan a reboot and be able to be 100% happy in my life and not make excuses to not participate with people I love and in activities that I love because I am overwhelmed! Plan to succeed in life and right now to succeed a reboot is necessary! Even just the planning will help relieve the stress and overwhelm feeling, just don’t over plan and make that stressful (I never do that…yes, that was sarcasm). Basically I need to plan a weekend for the ‘Rents to take the kiddos the rest will just happen! Happy Rebooting folks! Today I will just be, and not beat myself for the things I cannot do. I am only one person I do need to take care of me and the rest will understand! Love you all and Happy Bridal Shower Day to my friend!
P.S. This was kind of a ramble today… I know that it is a bit of a bi-product of how I am feeling overwhelmed and not 100% into anything lately. Hope you enjoy it and I have a hunch many of you can relate, which is why you read in the first place, right?