Bare Necessities

Orginally Published…12/29/14

Sex Love and Washing Clothes is about the Bare Necessities of Life and Love (credit the hubs for the title of today’s blog).  So let me explain what I mean by Bare Necessities.  Bare Necessities of Sex Love and Washing Clothes is this:  Everyday in 2015 will include Sex, love and washing clothes!  So you will be reading about my experiences involving that. I love everyday all day so that goes without stating an action plan but I will be having sex with my husband, and washing clothes everyday!  Yes I said EVERYDAY!!!
Like many couples my husband and I have had our struggles in our marriage.  Marriage is hard work but marriage is important to us, we said vows and meant them and have no intention or desire to break them. We said “Till Death” and as easy as it would be and no one would blame us for walking away, we stubbornly stay together through good times and bad. However, we have amazing make up sex most times after we argue, we have in the middle of arguments decided that instead of fighting we would rather do something else that starts with “F” (can I use the real word?) so we strip off our clothes and go at it. Even when we are not fighting we have great sex and we get adventurous.  We call it attitude adjustments sometimes.  Some of our Facebook friends have figured out what the post “Talk about an attitude adjustment!”  really means.  So for this blog in 2015 we will be experimenting what Sex Love and Washing Clothes everyday does for us. Everyday of 2015!
We will probably have to figure out how to master the quicky on some days.  Again, we have great sex and great sex takes time and effort and sometimes as much as I like, no love, how it feels sometimes I am just tired and want to just snuggle into my husbands perfect arms wrapped around me and his warm body pressed against me as we go to sleep at night.  However starting Wednesday January 1, 2015 that will not be an option for 365 days!  Unless of course we had day sex on that particular day. (What if he has to travel for work or something without me?…..that will get interesting)
We will, no, I will also have to figure out better time management and organization to get the “washing clothes” part done everyday…no more taking weekends off of house cleaning or at least washing the clothes. Honestly, I don’t mind washing clothes.  I mind the folding and putting away part and the searching for all the MIA hangers to hang all the clean clothes on.  We have a lot of clothes partly to make up for the fact that laundry is not done sometimes for a week or more (don’t judge you do it too).  So I think I may have to go buy more hangers so that all the clean clothes will have a place to go.  (Maybe some purging would be good too but let’s not get too ahead of our selves).
I think a great part of this will be to help me and maybe some of you stay at homers out there to realize it is possible to connect with each other and keep up with house work (I need proof on the latter part). Obviously in real life we can’t “have it all”  we must make an effort to make our lives right and happy and give ourselves rules and guidelines to live by.  We also have to make sacrifices too.  The hard part is deciding what to sacrifice.  Are you sacrificing what is important for something that really is not?  We all have choices to make and many times we make the easy or popular one, not realizing we are sacrificing what is really important for something that really is not.  For this year the biggest rules for me are sex and washing clothes everyday!  This could be a drag (haha sex everyday a drag? NO, it’s the washing clothes part)  but I am going to make it fun and I am going to find a new love of washing clothes and writing about it…or at least writing about it. I will also work on my skills and gain experience blogging (I don’t know what half of the things on the sidebars mean here…but I will figure it out hopefully).
I hope you are excited to follow this journey and feel free to join me!  Find me on Twitter and connect with me @SLWC_Ruby
In 2013 I did a challenge to myself of #13in2013 I was running a half marathon on New Years Eve and decided that I would run 13 races in 2013.  It was so rewarding and crossing that finish line on race 13 I was in pain after injuring my hip during the run but was so happy and proud of myself for finishing!  This year is going to rock!  #Everyday2015
So there you have it for today!  The Bare Necessities of this blog and my 2015!