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Hello friends! Here is my new location of my blog. I am so intimidated by being on Word Press. I feel like it’s the big person’s blog but I was notified that Blogger will start removing sexual content so there is a chance some of my content may be removed. I have not found anything on WordPress.com that says I cannot post about sexual topics and WordPress let me buy my domain name of sexloveandwashingclothes.com  Yay! not .WordPress or anything 🙂 I am such a rookie blogger and that may even be an insult to rookie bloggers. I know nothing about code or websites or postings or hosting etc… I just want to write about my crazy Sex Love and Washing Cothes adventures and stuff! I want to figure out how to import my blogs from Blogger…if that possible …if not I will copy and paste the old posts. I am so excited to have my own website though sexloveandwashingclothes.com yay!!! If any of my followers are website internet knowledgeable people, please email me any information you are willing to help train me what I need to do I would gladly accept help and teaching! Thanks in advance!

I have a feeling I should follow-up on yesterdays sorry excuse for a blog. The Hubs and I had a “moment” that lasted a little longer than I wanted. We did finally “make up” I am the drama queen in the fighting. I always feel like “OMG! We are always going to be in this moment and are never going to get through this fight”. It started officially over a disagreement about Dez Bryant and his contract talks (or lack of) going on with the Cowboys and lead to who knows what but included one of us feeling unheard and the other feeling disrespected (or maybe both). Basically the same argument we always have. No one was right and no one was wrong of course in the middle of the argument we both thought the other was wrong. Then as we started to make concessions and agree to disagree and get over it we realize the others point of view and decide to break down our egos and barriers get back to us. Then we realize we really do love each other and hate to fight and really why the Hell are we fighting over the Fucking Dallas Cowboys and Dez Bryant, makes me not like him even more (I am so not a fan anyway).

Well, it’s over now. We have made new agreements and renewed others and we have to keep remembering:  Change Takes Time.  People can, do and will change! It just takes time and it takes mess ups and mistakes in the process. Be patient with your partner especially if you are going through changes. The Hubs and I have had our struggles that I have blogged about in the past, it’s no secret. A year ago or so, these types of fights were happening a few times a week. This is only the second this whole year so that is big news and change in progress! We have used tools from The Gottman Institute and the workshop we attended and I have read the book “The Four Agreements” and shared the principals with the Hubs, the way I did with you yesterday. We are working on it, we are not perfect, we are human! I love the Hubs and he loves me, even in the midst of our fights, which is why they are so hard. If we didn’t love each other we wouldn’t stick out these crazy moments and cry about, it we would just walk away.

When we said “I do” we meant it! We love, we fight, we apologize, we compromise and we make change. Just like every other couple who stays together will need to do. Many single friends of mine are still single because they can’t put up with moments like this. Sometimes I think I am weak because I try so hard to succeed and still end up in these fighting moments, but when I realize where we came from and that we still want to be with each other, I realize we are strong. At the end of the day we long for the other person to hold and want them to hold us, we want each other to want to console us when we cry. Just have to break through the barrier of the ego! We have to remember what we are here for, and who we want and where we want to be. Love each other, not hurt each other. We would rather be fucking than fighting but given the chance we fight with each other not fuck someone else…. yeah, that’s when you know you are where you are supposed to be with you are supposed to be with.

We have pretty good make up sex, this was not our best but we were tired yesterday. We get up everyday give each other a kiss and smile as we go our individual direction. As John Gottman always asks “Have you had your 6 second kiss today?” we have, we know the important things to do daily. I sometimes feel like I am full of shit with this blog, especially on the days like yesterday! I am just a mom blogging about my life. That is all, I am not full of shit in this life! I am mom, wife, and woman and I know what is up! I love my life and I have a great out look. The Hubs and I have a lot to figure out, with me going back to work in the next couple weeks. We had a convo today that could have gone a-rye (especially only one day after a big emotional argument) but we stayed on track were honest and kept out egos out-of-the-way, meaning we didn’t take things personal. We said what we needed and are on the same page. We are doing well and the cycle of fights breeding fights has stopped. We are change in progress and I feel good about us! Keep working friends. Keep Fighting for each other and your relationship, not against each-other. Keep pushing through you, your family and your marriage is worth it!