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Happy Thursday everyone! I love and hate Thursdays, because it is almost the weekend and if the week has been productive I am looking forward to the weekend, if not I am dreading the fact that I have not accomplished all I wanted to. Lately the latter has been true more often than not. I have had a rough month. What is different and why has it been rough?

In January I lost 10 pounds and was following a no carb, no alcohol (Dry January) diet. I was doing a decluttering challenge and then February 1st happened, the newness and honeymoon was over. I didn’t stick with my lifestyle change very well, maybe the title Dry January set me up for that… The Seahawks lost the Superbowl in a sad way and I used that as an excuse to mope around eat the left overs. Which were all high carb and sugar filled and some alcohol filled (I had like 30+ left over jello shots could “waste” them so why not put them on my waist by way of my lips). All the extra calories I spread out over the whole month, which might be better than eating them all in one fail swoop, but I am up about 3-4 pounds from my lightest. At least, now, all the crap is out of the house included Nutella that I finished off yesterday via a spoon…yes I was eating Nutella with a spoon. Have I mentioned it’s been a rough month? It has been a rough month. Hey you, guess what, neither the food nor the alcohol or over indulging on it will help accomplish goals nor will it help you feel or be healthy!

February was supposed to be my workout month where I added some fitness to my lifestyle change and when I finished my house decluttering and got ready to go back to work in March. I failed on all accounts. I stopped the decluttering all together, I got busy…doing what? IDK! I have eaten everything in site, I tried but gave in way too easy. And the busy thing yeah that made it so I did not include workouts in a regular routine. Oh yeah, that’s because I had no regular routine. So it is not only time for a reboot, it is time to stop making excuses and trying to feed my emotions with food and drink. Time to make change and get into a routine! Stop making excuses of being busy! Especially, when being busy meant sitting on the couch too long for coffee in the morning.

Dont make meMarch is a month of new beginnings, it brings spring which brings new buds and pretty flowers etc…For me it will be where I get back to me! I will love myself by being healthy. I will allow myself some indulgences but getting trim and fit is important to me right now. Feeling in control like I was in January (at least in better control, I complained a lot but I didn’t give in) of myself and emotions. I will not love myself with food or laziness. I will do Sex Love and Washing Clothes, writing the blog, having sex with the Hubs everyday, Washing Clothes everyday cleaning house everyday getting the decluttering done is necessary! I will get hold of myself and my life and not beat myself up anymore!

So time to forgive myself for February! Move on and get shit done! Get it together, Ruby! Everyone else too, You can do this, you will and you can. Use your support, delegate and don’t make excuses. Sometimes we need to take a break, get a treat or have and indulgence, allow yourself that, but don’t allow your self to use it as and excuse to get unhealthy! A treat is an occasional occurrence in limited quantity to be enjoyed so quality is important. Go forth and be present love your life and love your body. Both can happen! Have a great day everyone!

Here’s to positive! More positive posts and happy days…and on those not so happy or positive days we will find something positive. I will go paint bowling pins now for the wrestlers gifts, time to get my craft on!