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Happy Friday! Today had a rough start. Actually it is not just today it is the lead up of the last week, no really month and today the results. I am in a weight loss challenge and it is weigh in day. I spoke a bit about it in my rant yesterday that this month has been rough. I had a great January, I lost almost 10 pounds! February I have gained half that back! This month weekly weigh ins have been up and down finishing off with today up 1.5 ish today from last week’s 2 pound loss, which was up 3 from my lowest!

I have been “off” this month. Diet has sucked, I haven’t been to the grocery store for a week and a half and I was on a roll cooking well and following my eMeals.com plan. But this last weeks has been rough. Schedule changes, and me being “off” has led to me not getting to the grocery store like I need to. Then the practices for baseball starting last week. Baseball and wrestling back to back, not to mention the Girl’s schedule has all lead to quick meals and crappy food choices… Bad food choices affect me in more than just on the scale. My brain chemistry is all out of whack! There has been a lot of research that I have read about food and brain chemistry. The problem being, I have read so much that the research kind of contradicts itself. And everyone’s brain is different and sometimes it seems one ingredient is causing the problem but a lot of food has a lot of stuff you just don’t know. Especially if you are going to restaurants, fast food, or premade meals. Which is why I tend to lean toward making everything from scratch but that takes planning and that is where I have slacked this month.

I feel bad because the Boy has been having a tough couple of weeks too. As previously stated, Baseball and Wrestling at the same time and I think he is affected by food the way I am. He won’t eat if he is not hungry but he doesn’t get that he has baseball at 5 then wrestling right after 6-8 and his sister has to be dropped off at 4 so even though he’s not hungry for dinner at 3:30 that is when he has to eat it. I think carbs or wheat or gluten is rough on him, just like me. He seems more flaky when he eats carb high foods. Last night he had a grilled cheese sandwich. Which is a favorite of his, but only ate less than half and it was just cheese with no extra meat like add for some extra protein to help him focus. He had a rough night last night. He was emotional (I think almost more than normal even) not focused. It was almost like he forgot that he is good at it! He was wrestling to not lose, not wrestling to win like he usually does. Yes he is the one on the mat so I can’t blame me but I blame me for not having fed him well this week. I know better than to have him eat a sandwich and crackers at lunch and then feed him grilled cheese for dinner, the day before they had pasta for dinner, no protein with it just pasta and he has had school lunch more than once this week which is always a bad choice for him… The Boy needs protein I know this it’s my fault. The Boy also needs to be responsible for himself as well. And I need to stop beating myself up but that is a different story…

Bottom line is I have failed to prepare all month! I have even failed on the Hubs this month, he has bought lunch this whole week. I have been too tired or have not had groceries to make lunch for him! It is time for me to get this shit together. Even if I have to go on the weekends to get groceries no more excuses! Feed your body right, and just pasta with butter is not a healthy meal to set your kids, husband or self up for success! Come on, Ruby, you know better than that!

This weekend is tournament day for the Boy and Dance Convention for the girl. Protein for breakfast. I will pack some meat and cheese slices for snacks for the Boy’s tournament for this weekend. The sugary or high carb snacks of crackers and chips are not a good choice to sustain the energy level they need! Same with the Girl. I need to pack her a snack bag for a convention same as the Boy they both need food that is easy to eat, not messy snacks and full of healthy nutrients for the day! I will also be applying oils and blending some focus and energy oil blend for them to apply throughout the day as well!Earn your body

You earn your life. What you put in you get out. It’s not just believing you can win it is preparing to. Part of the preparation to win is what your feed your body, or your kids bodies if you are the mom of young athletes. This weekend I will plan better and be ready and save on not having to buy all meals out. And then in our everyday life I will feed us all healthier meals. I will fuel my husband with lunches that will help him focus and sustain the energy that he needs to work as hard as he does. I am glad this month is over and it was a short one, as stated previously it was a rough one. It was like I was treading water to just stay up rather than actually swimming. I will in the words of Dory from Finding Nemo Keep Swimming. I need to reset my whole family! We will be healthier and happier. Mood and attitude in this house are definitely affected by poor nutrition! That is my department and I will be fixing it!

This is part of the Sex Love and Washing Clothes I am working on everyday! This is how I will be loving my family healthy and happy. We will have our nights of fast food but I think I am going to try to make it crock pot meals filled with nutritious ingredients, pre planned vs the grab and go food that really doesn’t work well for this family. I know this is sounding a little like I am taking all the blame for kids just needing to work harder or push through and be respectful but if they want to be the best and I know how much nutrition matters in my brain I need to give them the chance to succeed in the same way. Good enough is not good enough for this family of perfectionists! Maybe we need to work on self acceptance a little but in the mean time we will prepare to succeed in training, practice, the right mentality and nutrition! I will love myself and my family with healthy food! And the occasional fancy cake…but only occasionally!