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Today is Sunday and as I sit next to the Hubs on the couch, but only for another hour or so. I am missing him this weekend. You see, the Boy went one direction and The Girl another so the Hubs and I did as well. As much as I love watching the Girl dance (she was amazing as always) I missed sharing it with the Hubs. I also miss sharing the Boy day as well. By the time I got home at 9:30ish and the Hubs got home soon after, he went to a work party dinner thing, we both considered going out for our weekend date. But it was 10:30 and we had not lined up Gram for a sitter. We just watched the Notebook. I love that movie. I was kind of surprised the Hubs didn’t change the channel. It was sweet. Then in my favorite moment in the movie (where they fight about if she should stay with Noah or go to her fiance) I realized he was sleeping, hehe that is usually what I do.

It was a bliss night with the Hubs. We cuddled and watched a Dramatic Romance Movie ( a rarity here) Date and Flirtand snuggled and then well we made fun sexy love in our bed, who could ask for more? However this Sunday I would love to just sit and snuggle all day or do something next to him. We didn’t get our official date this weekend. I want our date where I can look in his eyes and see that genuine smile away from the stress of house work, yard work or money stress. I love dates with my man! Maybe we will sneak in one tonight after the Girl and I come back from dance. But last night was kind of like a date…

Today I am posting a quote “Don’t ever stop dating your wife and don’t ever stop flirting with your husband.” The Hubs and I have recently realized and made this a priority. As the days and years tick by add in the stress of finances, kids, work, house maintenance…all the stress of life gets in the way. When it’s new we have no problem with this but as the years go on, it needs to be something we decide to do. It shouldn’t be hard….but we also should not “should” ourselves. Everything one day or another will be hard even if it is easy. Date and Flirt that keeps the fun in our relationships. Kind of like in the notebook Noah read their story even after she didn’t know who he was. We all still remember our lover don’t wait to have to read a “Notebook” to take that time with your love.

I will miss the hubs today as I am enjoying the Girl dance. I am sure he will miss me too. We will flirt a little in our text messages, probably, and then at home we may go out on a date or we will make a date after the kids go to bed in the Hot Tub or maybe on the couch. We all need the times away from reality I love that my husband and I can get away and mostly I love that he likes to be with me. Especially when I think of all the things that drives him crazy about me, like my forgetfulness. When we date he remembers the other things that drive him crazy, like how good my boobs look in his favorite shirt…and how much better that shirt looks on the floor!

Have a great Sunday folks even if you are not with your love, flirt and try to plan a date! Love and enjoy your life even if you can’t do it with your favorite. I am going to be in the moment today but also look forward to at least snuggling but maybe going on a date later with the Hubs. Go out and be happy with your love!