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It is Monday morning after a busy dance weekend! Guess what?! The Girl got a scholarship!!! $150 toward future dance conventions with Manhattan Dance Project! I am so excited for her. I would love to send her to AZ for their summer intensive. I really enjoyed this convention. The Girl did a great job, she still has some work to do when it comes to classes. She takes some of the time off if she is not “feeling it” but she is 10, I have to remember that and not expect more than she can handle. She was dancing in the advanced classes with the next closest dancer being 3 years older. I am so proud of her she is really growing…probably way too fast but she is so damn talented the only thing holding her back now is her age! I am really encouraged and excited about her future in dance she is breaking out and growing up on stage before my very eyes! I am even considering sending her with her teacher alone to AZ for this. I am a bit scared and an overprotective mom, so the idea of her going without me is scary but I know it will be so good for her. And I don’t know if we could afford both of us going… Anyway this was a great weekend, there is lots of potential to be found!

Back here on the home front on this Monday morning, my head feels clear and my sink is full of dirty dishes (shocking!?) I am feeling better today, this first Monday of March, than I did all month of February. As I have blogged about, last month I  felt kind of off all month. This weekend we ate healthier than we normally do. Got to bed late still, and didn’t do much different so I am saying diet for me is key to continue losing weight and feeling good and avoiding the sluggish hard to get going feeling. Today March is coming in like a lamb today sunny and bright. I have under the stove and fridge cleaning on the schedule and I am adding cleaning out the Washing Machine Soap Drawer and vacuuming the lint filter area in the drier. As soon as I am done writing today I will get on to the chores!

This month is a get in shape fitness wise, continue to work on diet and go back to work. It is a save money and make money month. Partly because I want to send the Boy to camp this year and the Girl to Nationals. Maybe I can look into getting her sponsors or something, look into fundraising for the boy too. Oh, and I want to buy my husband a new car that he has been Jones-ing for for 3 years! Making more money will be a necessity so I need to fill my schedule with massages and look into other opportunities to make some cash! What does blood donation pay? I could give up a kidney I think…. (Oh My Word did I just say that? Obviously I am kidding) The things we are willing to give up for our kids and husband! I wish I got paid dividends for being an awesome mom and wife and keeping my kids safe and staying off welfare…but no, we just get to pay more taxes and don’t get financial aid for anything! Technically we can afford it right? Right, well, we have to sacrifice in other areas…

I don’t know how people do it. I know a lot of people who make much less than we do that have their kids in more activities than mine. Or families who have multiple kids in activities. Maybe they have help from a rich uncle or something (where can I sign up for one of those?) Maybe they don’t have a retirement plan to pay into like the Hubs and I do. Maybe it is none of my business either! I just need to have faith and focus on what I need to do for my family. Karma will work itself out, good things happen to good people right? Hard work pays off…one day?! Right?! The Girl did get a scholarship for a portion of the fees…. I have faith. It will work out. We might not be able to do everything we want to do for our kids but we will do what is best and will be able to help them succeed and have happy lives. Oh, and we (Hubs and I) will have happy lives too. We will also teach them what is means to work for what they want and that you can’t always have it all. A very good lesson to teach children as some adults don’t even understand that! (Confession: sometimes the Hubs and I have trouble with that too, doesn’t everyone?)Good work today for tomorrow

I am focused and ready to begin a new month and a new chapter in life. Going back to work part-time and continuing to be an involved mom and care for my family. I need to continue to care for me too and make my priorities right. Make to do lists, plan meals, get off the couch and do work, and get exercise in to take care of me too. I can do this I will continue to be awesome and accept myself for who I am and know I am working hard and doing my best. And I will take some down time on the couch too!

Keep up the good work, all you moms out there. It is tough! We all are really hard on ourselves and we try to do everyone’s “work” for them all the while we know we can only do “ourselves”. So focus on you today. ‘Do you’ and the rest will fall into place. Or at least if you ‘do you’ and don’t waste your time trying to do everyone else’s work, you may have time left to “help” them, not do it for them…do you get what I am saying?… If nothing else, as I always fall back on, have good sex with your spouse, that will help you both realize something is going right! That’s what I remind myself every night! It has done wonders for me this year so far!