Happy Thursday Friends! It is a good day. The boy is in his third grade play. It is called Character Matters and they are great! In the play the “fairy tale council” gives advice to fairy tale characters on their situation and how to deal with it and have good character. The Boy is the Giant with Jack and the Beanstalk. It is cute and funny especially since the Boy is shorter and skinnier by far than the boy who plays Jack. The fairy tale council teaches Jack to judge the Giant and get to know the Giant and when they did they became buddies. So many cute and talented kids. They did a great job. I watch the two performances this morning and they have one tonight that I will be going to as well. I love watching my kids.

I hope these kids are picking this up and I hope the adults that watch it tonight pick some of it up too. In the theme song of their play they sing “Character Matters because you are what you choose, character matters it’s one thing you can’t lose.” The “it’s one thing you can’t lose” part is inaccurate. You can lose your character. We must be careful when we decide how we are going to act both in good times and bad. It does not take much to lose character sometimes it takes us stopping counting to 10 (that’s part of the play) and giving second chances to people in easy fun times as well as in tough situations or hard things to do like Baby Bear had to do with Goldilocks.

Just something to think about. I have had a busy day of play watching and then an errand outside of my town that included a lunch date with a good girlfriend. I love having lunch with my girl friends. Those times when we can chat this particular friend we talk as if we see each other everyday but we only get a chance to talk every now and then. I love those friends who, when you do see them it is like you were together all along! That is a mark of a true friend!

I hope you get to enjoy your family and friends today! I have to go finish dinner and get the Boy to his show! Guard your character friends, it is something you can lose if you don’t care how you act. Don’t judge, forgive, give second chances, treat people how you want to be treated, all day everyday with everyone!