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Happy Sunday! Today was the Boy’s end of season wrestling party. As you know I was the team mom so I was in charge of getting player gifts and medals to the party as well as coached gifts. So, I missed/forgot one dad who coached so my husband who volunteered every match, was there from start to finish every single match didn’t get his volunteer gift…oops. The same family’s wrestler’s medal didn’t get ordered either. That was not my job to order them but I should have scanned the table and made sure all the kids had one. The boy felt sad that he didn’t get a medal and I felt horrible!Challenge vs defeated

I left this end of season party feeling exhausted. I worked hard preparing for this party getting bout sheets and pins and decorating bowling pins for every wrestler. I had a team of helpers but I did most of the work. I asked parents to donate money to purchase gift cards for the coaches gifts. They all were well taken care of $50 for the two head coaches and then $25 for assistants and volunteers (except my husband).

The wrestlers loved the pins the parents thought they were cool too. Why do I feel such an exhaustion? I loved being team mom. It was tough every match bouting each match. Pairing up who will wrestle who. Trying to match skill and experience so each kid had a good shot to win. Some kids and parents I am sure thought they didn’t get enough easy or tough matches and that someone else got more than they did… I did my best and I had fun and I know most parents and team members appreciated it. But why this sinking feeling that I did not do it well enough?

I am excited for next year. I will have the knowledge of how to do it and experience of one year under my belt. I will do somethings differently but most of all I will feel more prepared. I think I did a good enough job. Are there things that could have been better? Sure, but I was learning and no one else was doing it so I think I deserve to give myself a little pat on the back and not feel so bummed for the few things that got missed or could have been different.

I need to accept myself and my hard work! Love myself and give myself credit when I know I worked hard. I did do a good job! Today at the party, all of the kids were smiling and having fun and that is what matters. People will always judge, maybe talk behind your back, don’t listen. I don’t know if they all think I sucked as a team mom or if they appreciated the fact that they didn’t have to or thought that I rocked it. What people think of me is none of my business. They are not my judge, I am. I am tough on myself. I always think I need to do more but I always put my best effort out there. Sometimes the result is astounding and sometimes it is just good enough and that is okay.

Self acceptance and feeling good about me is something I am working on in all areas of my life. It is hard for me to feel good and be proud if I don’t have someone telling me I did a good job. I am working on that. I think there are many people especially moms, I think, that don’t think they do good enough because no one tells them. Or the right person doesn’t tell them.  Sometimes just hearing “Good Job, Ruby” goes a long way. There is not always someone there to say it. So I need to believe it and stop looking for that acceptance and acknowledgment from others. I can just know I did good and I am worthy of feeling good. I am proud of my work. If the players didn’t like it I would feel sad but I should still be proud of what I did. If we are doing our best, that is good enough and we should all feel proud of ourselves for that.

Always do your best and even if someone doesn’t tell you, listen to me “You did a great job!” Thank yourself for always doing your best and being you! There are many people counting on you, don’t give up if you don’t hear them say it, keep going. I guarantee they are thinking it and they are probably looking for someone to notice them too. So this week tell someone you know, or someone you don’t, tell them “good job,” thank them for their effort! You may change their mood for the better! Spread the love this week!

Have a great rest of your Sunday and enjoy spreading love this week! Thank you for reading my work, I am enjoying my writing. Thank you to those who take the time to like, follow, and share my writing with your friends! Keep spreading the love folks!