Today is competition day for the Girl. She danced this morning at 10. I was up at 5am packing food and my clothes and getting ready. We left our house at 7:00. She go there we finished her hair primped and did make up to make her look pretty. Her solo hair is amazing. It is very high big bangs 80’s look with a few ponytails down the middle of her head. Looking similar to a curly hair mohawk. She looked fierce!

She went on stage and for the about 100th time my eyes got swollen with tears just like they are now as I write. As I watched her dance she put in amazing intensity and facials. She hit so many of her moves and just killed it. That run felt so good! She was awesome! I just knew she nailed it! There were moments in the dance that gave me the chills. Most of the time when I watch her dance, as much as I love it, I see things and I know she could do better. This time, I saw things I had been looking for and knowing she could do, she put it all together! Her face, she was expressive even in her face her body moved so smoothly and her lines were beautiful. I was so proud and getting ready to plunge into the pool with all my clothes as I was sure she was going to get a platinum (Highest ranking score 96-100 is a platinum, 93-95 is a high gold, 90-92 is a Gold, 85-89 High Silver).

Sitting at awards I was nervous. Could this be the day she gets a Platinum at this competition, which is known for having tough judges and a tough ranking scale? “It was almost flawless…maybe it was flawless” “Do the judges like her as much as I do?” The answer was, no. She got a High Gold did not place in the top 3 of her category and not even in top 5 of the age group. But what does that mean? I could say “High Gold here is as good as a Platinum anywhere else”, because of their tough scoring scale? Yes, I could but who cares. It is a High Gold and a High Gold is pretty damn good! Congrats goes to the girl. The Judges are judges and they saw what they saw and in her age group I think there may have only been 3-4 Platinums max.

She still did amazing! I am so impressed with her. It was one of her best runs of this dance. Like I said stage presence, personality, intensity…it was all there! She is still my favorite dancer. I am proud. I wanted her to get a platinum though! The same way I wanted the Boy’s team to win the Championship game. The difference is the Boy’s team didn’t play their best the whole game. I felt like the Girl BROUGHT IT! It may or may not have been her best. She danced big and strong and put it out there! The judges don’t judge on what is the kids best, they judge technique showmanship etc. They don’t judge if this is a personal best. They have a standard and stick to it. However it is worth mentioning that sometimes they are lenient one way or another for unknown reasons. It is a judgement. A judgement is an opinion. Yes they have techniques, hard rules that encompass straight legs and toes pointed, that kind of black and white thing but was that a flare in the move or a mistake? Depends on the dancer and the judge. This is the part I hate, when I think she did better than a High Gold and she gets a High Gold. I am proud of her I want to jump for joy the same way I would a platinum, but it is not a Platinum, I do still take photos and celebrate the score anyway!

make it part of the danceIt is a judgement, the same way a ball or a strike is a judgement and we have all seen those called wrong when we all know clearly what the strike zone is! We go  to competitions to be judged. To have someone sit in a chair who does not know this child never has met them to put on stage and be judged. What is the product on stage vs the standard of measurement that a judge thinks is good. Why do we do it? To prove to ourselves how good we are? Are we not good enough if we don’t get a Platinum or at least a High Gold or even a Gold. Who says what is worthy? It is not the measure of how good we are it is an opinion on one dance. We really should not take it personal. It is a non personal judgement of how well you did those three minutes of that dance on stage. It is not a measure of how hard you worked, how well you knew your dance. It is how well you sold it that day, in that moment on that stage through the eyes of those judges. I have been let down by the judges many times and prepare for many more. They are people who one day may give her a job in dance and that day will be lovely and then I will say in my head…High Gold huh? We should celebrate every score!

My Daughter is a Platinum in my eyes. Even when mine don’t matter. She is my favorite dancer and I will continue to watch her grow. She has been competing for a short time, this is her 4th year. She has time to grow. She has always been at the top of her class.  I know in my heart she will win over judges, already has, and they will say “I can’t wait to see her next year” She is my inspiration to work hard, I hope the judges inspire her to work hard to see her potential fulfilled. No matter what ranking she gets. We continue to bring our kids here to keep them moving forward in dance. Not to have the validation that they are good but to see how can do better all the time. She is learning that judges opinions are their opinions. It’s tough to work so hard and not get the scores you think you deserve or you want it’s just like loosing a game. You get back in the studio put on your stage make up and show your hard work next time! And because any excuse to get up on stage under the lights! Everyone should have that moment and get to relish in it with their award no matter what the score!

We have a fun weekend of dance ahead of us! Great Job Girl!

On a side note, Happy Birthday to the Hubs! We may not be “together” this whole weekend but I am thinking of him and we will make up for it, guaranteed! I love that man, I hate having to go two different directions but all roads lead to home and we will be there at the end. Hang in there My Hubby, Love you!