Not a rehearsalIt is day two of convention weekend. Convention weekends are filled with master classes followed by competition. So we (The Girl) started in classes at 7:45am we will have 5 classes by the end then we have about 45 minutes to prepare for the first group competition number at 3:45 then two more with the last number at 7:45 and the last awards ceremony at 10:45. Then we go into day 3 tomorrow morning for classes at 8:30am to start again. No competition though. I love and hate convention weekends!

It has been a crazy weekend. I so love watching the Girl dance but she is not feeling well. It is her ‘job’ to dance this weekend so she is less than thrilled. She loves dance but these hard long weekends and days full of classes. She is not feeling well and she gets a little lazy and needy when she doesn’t feel good. She doesn’t quite realize that this is an opportunity of a lifetime that needs to be seized. Every day should be! Carpe Diem!!!

For me, I miss the Hubs. Yesterday was his birthday. I wasn’t with him so it wasn’t the specialist birthday for him. Sometimes I feel that birthdays can be a ‘suggestion’ everyone should get a day that 100 people post on their Facebook page to say Happy Birthday and where their family and close loved ones celebrate with the. In our family it usually includes food and/or drink! We haven’t done that for the Hubs yet. We did go to dinner with his parents but no birthday shots or fancy cake or friends’ celebration. We will do that next weekend. Every birthday is special it is kind of fun when you get to have a day to celebrate on a different day, you get to really stretch out the birthday love and get extra time to be loved, birthday style.

I miss him, I feel bad about his birthday but I feel worse about missing him. I always want to spend every minute of every day with him. However I do a lot of things that he would rather not do, so when it comes to spending weekends at dance conventions we tend to be separated or if not he is feeling slightly tortured. It would be fine if it was a Showcase for the Girl. He loves watching the girl and her team, mostly her. He does likes watching dance but he gets enough in the hour plus recital each year at our studio. I know he is missing me too. Absence makes the heart grow fonder right? We are not apart much so we will see….

Carpe Diem. We should all live everyday like it is our birthday. And that means live to its fullest if you are with your friends and family celebrating or not! Every day can be an awesome day, it is all in how you interpret it. Take every single moment to love the ones you love. Do the things you love. Sometimes for me, doing the things I love means doing what those people that I love, love to do. It sucks that we missed the hubs’ birthday but we will enjoy and make the most of the days we do have together because nothing is guaranteed and you never know when those days will be over. As much as you have to endure the time away you never know when that last time will be. I love my husband and hope I have many more birthdays but I hope he will eventually realize this birthday can and will rock just not on the actual day!

Carpe Diem your life today and say Happy Birthday to someone!