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Happy Saint Patty’s Day! What is your favorite St Patty’s tradition? I don’t really Happiness SPDhave much of a tradition with this holiday. I don’t even really know what this Holiday is about. I know it is Irish and just like my favorite Irish friend it involves a lot of drinking. I wear green to not get pinched. Why is green the color of Irish? I also enjoy an Irish Car Bomb on occasion as well. Two of my favorite neighbors and friends who have since moved away started drinking the wonderful cocktails with us on a random St Patrick’s Day. It became their drink of choice for a while. What is St Patrick’s Day about anyway? I think my dad told me a long time ago St Patrick scared the snakes out of Ireland and that’s what we celebrate. As a young child I had no idea and now as an adult I still have no idea if that is right or if it is some racist comment that I shouldn’t repeat….If so I am sorry and mean no disrespect.

Anyway I am already one Irish Car Bomb in and finished the rest of the bottle of Guinness that I used to make my cupcakes. I am making Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes. It starts with 1 cup of Guinness (I drink the rest). You simmer Guinness and butter and stir in chocolate. That smell is divine! There is something about smells that create so much memory! OMG, my kids are going to have Irish Car Bomb memories of the smell of Guinness beer and chocolate that reminds them of childhood….I should be ashamed… Not really! I love the idea traditions. Is there anything else other than drinking beers or Jameson or Irish Car Bombs and eating Corn beef and Cabbage? I can’t bring myself to make the Corn beef and Cabbage because I have no idea how to cook it and I don’t like Cabbage especially the smell of it cooking.

Why do we do traditions? It brings us back to a time that we remember our moms cooking. Our grandma’s rocking chair. Nostalgia. Fond Memories. As parents we do these things so the kids can have the traditions to remember so that they don’t just remember getting yelled at for their room not being cleaned and back talking…oh wait, is that just me? I like to do special things. I like to plan parties, make cakes and yummy food for the reason of tradition. I don’t do it and complain about ‘having’ to do it, like so many others do. I love to do those things. At no time to do I say I wish I didn’t have to. If I don’t have time or don’t want to, I just don’t. Sometimes I do it when I don’t have time, I just put something else aside for a day or so. I know so many people in families get bitter because they are the ones who always have to make the ____________.  I like to be that person. I think part of my insecurity helps with this. If I am the one who make the Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes that will make me more valuable to invite to a party. Not that that ever happens. Who knows, who cares I just know I like to do it!

St Patty's day

I just like having a reason to bake, dress up or do something special. I am just like that! I also kind of like to be the center of attention and doing those things get me a little extra attention so maybe that’s why… Why do I find the need to reason why I do these things? Remember the crazy head girl post…yeah!

Traditions and or rituals are great! It keeps things flowing gives a level of routine and security knowing that we will see Grandma at Christmas we have a countdown to those days. Traditions build memories and a lot of them at least started as a reason of necessity or safety or security or for some real reason. And most are fun. It is fun to chase the boy not wearing green around the playground so you can pinch him. Some are dry and boring and really a pain in the ass but your grandma will look down on you from heaven and smile about you doing her special recipe and you should feel proud of that!

So here’s wishing you luck on this “Holiday” Lot’s of fun laughs and little pinches. Enjoy today and make if a fun day, do something Irish. My Irish friend, loves Whiskey, Beer and sex so if he represents Irish then I think that is a recipe for a fun day! Enjoy!