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Family we choose

Happy Friday and First Day of Spring lovely’s! It is Friday before the Hub’s Birthday party! I am making lasagna today. I spent the morning making the sauce from scratch. Well, almost from scratch, does it count if you start with canned tomato paste and puree etc? I seasoned it cooked up some sausage and ground beef with onions and garlic in it. The sauce is now in the crock pots (yes I made enough  sauce to fill two crock pots, how many lasagna dishes is that going to make?) Bottom line, my house smells yummy!

Tomorrow is a big day! The day that we gather friends and some relatives, all family, to celebrate my husband turning one more year older. I invite almost everyone we know and prepare for a bunch of peeps and watch 3 will show up. It seems lately everyone is super busy. It’s not just us it is all of our friends right now. We all have kids who are super involved in sports and activities. We met most of our friends because either we or our kids were involved in activities that we or our kids have participated, so of course we all get busy and go in different directions sometimes. Some times we get down about not having time for us (the adults in the family) with our friends. It is always about the kids, their friends and their activities! We were spoiled there for a few years we have had so much fun with our friends. But lately we are all going different directions. We miss them.

I am sure they miss us too but sometimes in the back of your head you go, “Are they really busy or do they not like me like they used to?” I realize that is a very childish and somewhat immature and definitely insecure view of this but I am real and I do have these feelings sometimes. Sometimes I will run into a friend and she will say I miss you so much thFriends like boobsen we will make a plan to do something or get together and she will flake out or ‘forget’ to call back and give the minor detail of what time we were going to meet up for that drink…. We all have those friends. You feel so close to them when you are together and then they never follow through with what they said they would do after you two part ways at least until they need you for something in the future.

Then you have the true friends who are simply just as busy as you are. When you do run into each other you feel like you have never been apart. I have a friend who lives out-of-state, we see each other once a year (when she comes home to visit her family I am embarrassed to say I never go there). We rarely talk on the phone or text but when we do get together we make and effort to see each other and we always catch up on life in a bout 30 seconds. I will be venting about my life and she about hers and giving each other advice about life. We could have been separated for 9 months and we are so intune to each other. I have two friends like this and I miss them so much I wish I could just move my life where they are!

I have great friends! I have helped some move, picked up their kids from school and practices and they have picked up mine. Then there are those who hold your hair after a long night of drinking and you will hold theirs no questions asked. Or those who will fight off the chick flirting with your husband at the bar! Then the friends who you always have by your side when you are venting and complaining about him at the same time! Then you have the friends who greet your husband with a kiss and you don’t bat a jealous eye at all! Your friends who you kiss because no word expresses the same feeling as that kiss. Let’s not forget about the strangers who think we are swingers, shout out to those people here. We are all friends, that is normal right? I love my friends! I miss my friends…actually they are all my family that I got to choose. They would be there for me when I need them.

I have cried on their shoulder, they have cried on mine. I have listened to them complain about their husband and have listened to their husband complain about them. I have friends who have broke up and still love them both the same. True friends don’t make you take sides and true friends remind you why you are married and tell you and your husband must work things out because the two of you are the only reason they believe in  love in the first place.

I am hoping to see some of these great friends this weekend and I am considering forwarding this in an email to all of them. I love you friends! Come celebrate our friendship tomorrow during the Hubs’ birthday celebration. Funny thing is, it is on the actual birthday of one of our other best friends. He has been referred to in the past as my best ‘girlfriend’ as well! We needed the Hubs’ birthday celebration to be this weekend and Saturday worked the best because of last week’s dance convention (have I mentioned we have a busy life?) It just so happens that we have a lot of friends with birthdays in March!

I kind of miss the swinger rumors because it was fun to play it up when the group of us were out on the town. And we got to see eachother more often back then. We all are close, we all trust each other and we all love each other! There are a lot of us! Rarely do we ALL get together especially in recent years. Babies are being born, other babies are no longer babies and are active kids (mine) and teenagers are teenagers and need more supervision than expected! My kids are almost old enough to be the babysitters so they can babysit the younger kids and we can join the friends whose kids have graduated that have more freedom. Then, the whole gang can be back together! Minus those who have moved away!

Things will never be like they were! That is why we must enjoy everything in the moment. You never get a chance to repeat a moment! Make the most of it when it is happening. Stay off your phone and who cares what whoever else is doing on Facebook. Stay with those who are here now. Love each other, be there for each other. Forget that they flaked on you last week or last month or last year and ignore the rumor you heard they were talking trash about you. Because right now you are having a good time and right now that is all that matters!

Can’t wait to see you all my friends tomorrow! Hope all of my readers get the chance to enjoy yourself and your friends who are more like family this weekend too! Maybe something extra fun will happen. I dare you to stay off Facebook and whatever else on your phone that distracts you and just enjoy those you are with! Give your friends a big kiss as a greeting and if you are my friend I expect a kiss tomorrow! I am in a love fest mood, so kisses to you all! (There is an opening for the swinger rumor, maybe I should be more careful how I word things….nah that will never happen.) Enjoy your family that you have chose and dare to immerse yourself into your friendships! I am going have some Grape Vodka and enjoy the time after hours with the Hubs too! Happy Birthday to him!