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I figured this photo quote would be a good quote for today. Today has Ben busy! Opening day of Little League baseball, our team didn’t have a game but we were responsible for staffing the concession stands. Yesterday I prepped multiple lasagnas for a party at our house tonight! We are meeting our friends for lunch but one friend, who’s birthday it is, happens to be MIA. So lunch I on hold and now has turned into where to place the pool table in their new man cave. I personally am hangry! I was looking forward to lunch, come on birthday boy! It’s lunch time!

We are prepped for a day full of fun with friends (as long as the birthday boy gets here soon!) Then Bazooka Joy’s at 5:00 Lasagna at 7 and if we are still standing The Pub later!

I love these boys, ever since they were playing video games at my house until 4 in the morning since before they were drinking age! We have a blast these boys are the Hub’s bothers! And mine too. May you all have so many friends that your house explodes with people!
Love your friends have fun and enjoy! I am going to before I get razzed by these boys for texting! Have fun with your family and your friends!