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Hello it is Sunday! I am writing this blog post while the Dug Out Buckets, that we Mod Podged, for the Boy’s baseball team dry. I Decoupaged the logo and their name on each one. The buckets are for the boys to keep in the Dug Out at their spot in the line up for their gloves, water bottles and mitts to maybe go into. They needed names because it also marks their spots. I was going to have a friend cut out vinyl letters for their names and she had an issue with her cricket and also had a minor emergency and couldn’t do it. So today another friends suggested to Mod Podge them. I think they worked out pretty well. Other than the paper got air bubbly and is wrinkled in spots but I think it make the cobra logo look kind of mean.

Last night we had the party for the Hub’s birthday! We had so much fun. I made three lasagna! Got a compliment from one friend, who actually taught me how to make sauce from scratch, that he loved my sauce! Everyone loved the food! We hung out and talked and laughed stood around the fire outside, played Cards Against Humanity and Laughed so much! Have I mentioned we have great friends. There were probably about 15 or so of us here it was nice to be back together! I wish we had a compound we could all live in and we could see each other and visit more often but we don’t so we have to savor the moments we get to be together! I think went to bed around 3 or 4 am!Plenty of sleep

The Hubs is still wanting his special birthday sex! He has gotten sex, pretty good sex, many times since his birthday however he has a special request. Tonight is it. You would think that with as much sex as we have, that I wouldn’t need to “be prepared” for “birthday sex” however, because we do have so much sex (horrible problem to have) it takes some extra effort and creativity to be awesome every time. How to make great sex even better or special is a little tough sometimes. But I think I will manage.

Today I am struggling with write about. Weekends are tough for me because I like to spend my energy with my fam! So I will keep you posted on how our “birthday sex” goes and maybe do research for this weeks Hump Day Challenge….ooh are you ready to get more dirty and/or kinky? Yes, there is a lot more dirty that this blog can get! some may call even use the word taboo even. Are we ready for that … let me see if I am ready for that! Stay tuned and at least check back in for the Hump Day Challenge on Wednesday!

Oh hey, I started an Amazon Store! You can click on the link in the sidebar. I have selected a few things to highlight for my readers in it. I have it divided it in three categories. Can you guess what they are? Sex, Love and Washing Clothes…duh! These products are not mine and I am not sponsored or paid by the creators to advertise them and I have not used every one of them so there is no guarantee or implied endorsement of any kind from me specifically. I will however get a kick back (in single digit percentage points) from your purchase. It is just a way I am looking into helping my family out financially… If you would like to check it out I appreciate it! Right now I have put up a few Sex Dice, a Laundry Sorter, a few books. Watch for things that I refer to in my writing I will try to add things that I like and use as time goes on. Most items in my store will be things I have either used or would use, and have some sort of relevance to my life and this blog. Contact me directly if you would like me to try your product or add something in my store. I don’t really know how to advertise or monetize my blog but I am learning and who knows maybe I will be able to send my kiddos to their summer camps and nationals from the extra kick backs…????

Have a great day peeps! I will think of that Hump Day Challenge on my Birthday Sex Date with the Hubs!