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Busy long day today which equals a short post from my phone, maybe will add more later. It is Talent Show Try-Outs today. It is so fun sitting here watching kids put their talents in front of other kids! There are kids who are more and less talented, all so cute. I love watching them show off their skills (or lack there of). I was a kid with talent and always wanted to get up on stage but was scared to. When I did I would hold back a little like some of these kids today and never made the show.


My message today is to never hold back! All of the kids in the talent show are like Rock Stars in school. Even if they are “not that good” all the other kids in school want to be like them. The Ines who get up and dance and let their hair down! Don’t ever be afraid to get out there. To steal a line from the Boy’s Monologued “LEAVE YOUR MARK” however perfect or imperfect it is! Put a smile on you face and show on stage how much you love doing what you do, be it dancing singing, entertaining or even just signing those papers at your desk job so someone else can!
Secretly I think these teacher judges are enjoying their “American Idol”-esc type experience. There are three of them commenting on each number just like these teachers are rock stars too!

Don’t ever be afraid to do your thing, leave you Sparkle or you mark, strut your stuff and be amazing in everything! I love it. So fun! Go out and live out loud! I wish I had the boldness these kids do when I was their age! I am proud of my kids that they are both auditioning. The boys is doing something different this year and he kooks nervous but I am proud of him for trying something different! I love my kids! Back to the show 😉