Dull womenHappy Friday everyone! I am doing a 15 minute writing today. I spend so much time writing I love it but it really takes a lot of time sometimes so I set a timer. I have done this before but I think only once.

Yesterday the Hubs said to me “You will do anything to get out of house work won’t you?” Um in a word, “yes” I said. Yesterday was a beautiful day. I did wash some dishes put in some laundry in and a few miniscule things. It was gorgeous outside. Mid 70s and for western Washington that is a great day let alone the fact that it occurred in Mid March! So I decided to go outside and wash the car and I even washed some of the mildew-y green stuff off of our camping trailer. The car washing took a bit longer than normal due to the fact that the kids were simultaneously running a Lemonade Stand. They made $12.50 on the day (they are going to reinvest and run it this summer, little entrepreneurs). We served a few landscapers a family on a bike ride a friend and a couple people walking by. It was a great day to be outside. My car needed washed but yes they make these things called car washes that you can pay to go to and it takes a fraction of the time. They do not do as well but The Hubs’ point was that I was avoiding doing “my work.” Guitly!

Don’t tell anyone, but if I am honest I do this kind of a lot, I have even painted a room in my house to avoid doldrums house work. I do love being a mom and love being at home and love that my husband is a good provider that I do not have to work. As part of Sex Love and Washing Clothes was to encourage me and stimulate me enough to do house work and to write about it. However, I still hate it and make excuses and/or reasons for doing other things. Forgive me for sounding dumb or complaining for a second. Housework is not “stimulating” to my ADD brain. If you have ADD or know about ADD you will understand what that means. I love having a clean house I would prefer not to do it though.

I don’t feel accomplished after a long day of cleaning. I don’t feel good that I got shit done. Why? Partly because it doesn’t stay done. My son used to clean his room and then wouldn’t play with his toys for a day or two because he didn’t want to clean it up again…I am slightly ashamed that he must have got that from me. I wish he wouldn’t have! I spend one day a month deep cleaning my kitchen, I pull out the stove and fridge and sweep and scrub the floor under them. The night I do that I will usually try to do take out of go out for dinner so I don’t mess up my beautifully clean kitchen! What is wrong with me?! I do want my house clean I am not afraid to do it or lazy, I just hate the act of cleaning it I would rather paint a room or even do windows or run a marathon without training =pain! I do want to have desire to go clean the countertops in my bathroom. What’s funny is when I am staying at a hotel or in our Camping Trailer I clean up every night. I make things tidy. I will fold up my clothes and neatly put them in the suit case or hang them up. When I am home I peel my clothes off and throw them behind my bed where no one can see them (not even me). What gives? Why can’t I have that level of organization when I am home in the place I live everyday?

What does that say about me? It says I would rather go wash my car in the sun. It says I would rather blog about how much I hate it than actually doing it. I would rather live in the moment and get something out of it and apparently I don’t think getting a clean organized looking kitchen is good enough to get out the moment.

My timer just went off Booo…. let me finish this off now I was on a roll! Bottom line is yes, the Hubs was right. I will do anything to avoid housework. With that being said, I don’t have dirty dishes strewn all over my house, my mess is contained to the areas things belong. There are always clean clothes for everyone to wear you just may have to search through the pile of clean laundry. I sort my clutter piles on the counter top, you know the kids school work and mail you don’t want to throw away, I straighten them up so that it doesn’t take over my whole counter top! I do the deep cleaning often I have it set on my calendar. Do you pull out your couch (Giant Sectional) monthly? I do. Do you pull out your fridge and stove and clean under and behind and on top of it once a month? I do. Can you even pull out your fridge without something falling off of it?! I can. My house is cleaner and neater than it ever has been. I do vacuum at least weekly! I do laundry everyday (just don’t get it put away everyday). I dust about one every two weeks or less but at least monthly or when I start seeing dust on the Xbox. I do hate house work but I do it! Not as efficiently as I could or as much as my Sister In Law used to when you could eat off of her floors but my house is livable. Most days you can eat at the table. I do things with my kids they are busy and sometimes I have to wash a pan in order to cook.

Does this make me lazy? No. A bad housewife? Maybe. A bad wife? No. A bad mom? No. It means I live my life and what is important are the people and the events in my life if I have time to have a spotless house I will but if it means going to find socks in the dryer that’s okay too. I will love myself through it all. My husband loves me, I know he wishes I was more organized and more of a neat freak but in the end he still loves that he is married to me. Messy house and all… Some ladies have an awesome clean house but their husbands probably complain about other things. Ruby, stop comparing yourself to other wives and/or moms.

I will continue to love my husband and be sexual with him everyday and I will continue to Wash Clothes everyday, I will try to get them put away too. I will continue to be sexual with my husband everyday EVERYDAY! And be adventurous and love and enjoy it whether there are dirty clothes on the floor or not! I will continue to be in the moment with my kids and volunteer at their school and go to assemblies whether there is house work to be done or if I get it done at breakfast. The dishes and dust will always be there I may not always have my family here we are human there are no guarantees and I would rather wash my car while the kids run their lemonade stand than stay inside vacuuming! I want to love my family and enjoy life! Live Laugh Love! There is a reason Washing Clothes is listed last in my blog it is important but not more than everything else!