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Happy Thursday! Do I still have readers out there? After yesterday’s blog I was worried I may have turned a lot of people off. The thing with putting yourself out there is that you really have to not care what people think of you when they don’t agree. Not take it personal if they don’t like what you have to say. The Hubs was talking about  a friend of his that he went to high school with yesterday. She apparently has been out of work for a while and is pretty good looking and she decided to send in pictures to some bikini coffee places to get a job there. The Hubs says “Wow, how cool is that for her to just put it out there that like that, BAM. Good for her for just being honest and not caring what people think of her…” then he paused and said “Well, it’s probably not much different from you and your blog. Especially today!” Why yes, I was thinking the same thing as he was talking. Good for you girlfriend, if you have a body for selling coffee in a bikini go get you some coffee girl!

The problem with not caring what people think about you is that you have to actually not care. The reason we blog is to have people reading it. If I don’t have anyone reading it, will that change anything? No. But if I am honest I do care what people think. I want them to respect me and my writing. I also would like them to me as well but I will settle for respect. They don’t have to agree with what I am saying or even like it. But if I am honest I do kind of care what people think. But I don’t care enough to make it change me!what people think

I like to be honest I want to encourage wives and husbands to work on the hard stuff in their marriage and have sex to increase that togetherness. For me sex has really helped my marriage. So many marriages are stale! Having sex only once a week, once a month or even sometimes less than that! The one thread that has held my relationship together when we were both just about checked out was that we had good sex. Even if you don’t have good sex yet, you have to start somewhere and bad sex is still better than no sex!

Sex is one thing we do that both of us are in the moment. We put aside the arguments, the disagreements and get into the moment. We feel our bodies we try to put aside expectations, sometimes it is hard even during sex but we try to, and do accomplish it with sex, most of the time. We are learning to do that more often in other arenas in life as well. Sex has been what taught us to do that. Subconsciously, it was not on purpose but that is what worked for us it might work for you. Since I started Sex Love and Washing Clothes and the Bare Necessities of having sex everyday our lives have been…in a word better, much better. Daily getting the positive connection that comes with sex, positive skin to skin touching, feeling good, the feel good hormones released in our brains when we orgasm all of that has value and we have been getting it everyday! What are you holding back for?

Here I am justifying yesterday’s post with my mantra of Sex Love and Washing Clothes! I don’t need to do that. My views and your views do not have to be the same. You can still respect me even if you think Anal Sex is evil.  Right?! I say yes and for my purposes, that is all that matters to me. So take this from me, go have sex everyday (or at least more than you do now). If your marriage is stale if you are less than pleased with sex give it up to your lover try my challenges and relax Sex everydayand enjoy those feel good chemicals that are released when you and your lover are together and touching and loving and orgasming! I want to help marriages all over and for me that starts by encouraging good sex! I am not a therapist, you may need one but first get naked with each other and touch each other and kiss and insert parts into each other and feel you body and enjoy it!

Keep Calm and Have Sex Everyday!